2024 Commencement Speeches

Watch Jerry Seinfeld’s Duke commencement speech. It’s truly funny, and full of excellent life advice and compelling wisdom, IMO, and I’m sure it was inspiring to the kids graduating.

His comments are funny AND as you say wise.

As an aside, in 1986, when I graduated from Westminster College, I was initially horrified to hear that Frank Layden would be offering the commencement address. I was expecting someone with a more obvious academic background.

He was easily as funny and inspiring as this Seinfeld, and I never forgot his comments that day.

Over the next 15 years or so, my wife and I sat next two he and his wife at theater performances at the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, a performance of Saturday’s Voyeur at Salt Lake Acting Company, and a performance at Kingsbury hall. He is a well informed, clever, fascinating individual, and as you can probably imagine, a great conversationalist. We never once discussed sports.