2024 Big XII Win Totals (FanDuel)

Let’s see how this looks:
Kansas State 9.5 wins
Utah 9.5 wins
Arizona 8.5 wins
Kansas 8.5 wins
Texas 8.5 wins
UCF 8.5 wins
Iowa State 7.5 wins
Oklahoma State 7.5 wins
TCU 7.5 wins
WVU 6.5 wins
Colorado 5.5 wins
Baylor 5.5 wins
Cincinnati 5.5 wins
Arizona State 4.5 wins
BYU 4.5 wins
Houston 4.5 wins

So, December 7th in Dallas vs K-State for that first-round bye in the 12-team tournament?

There was a great discussion today on ESPN 700 with Sly about the team. As one who agrees our O Line was not great last season, we do have some new faces coming in that should improve it.

JJ, Vaki, et al, had to do a lot of tough running for yards last season.

That is a lot of parity at the top.

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We play 5 of the teams projected at 7.5 or higher and 4 at 5.5 or lower. 3 of the 7.5 or higher (TCU, Arizona and Iowa St are at home. OSU and UCF on road.

With 16 teams, I believe that the two CCG teams will be largely influenced by the schedule.

Utah plays 5 projected 7.5+teams, 3 at home (UA, TCU and Iowa St.) and 2 road OSU and UCF
KSt. plays 4, OSU, UA, and Kansas at home and only Iowa St. on the road. They are also at WVU projected at 6.5 wins.
Kansas plays only 3 plus WVU on road. Homies against TCU and Iowa St and roadie at KSt.
UA plays 4, 2 at home and 2 on road.
Tech plays 4, all on road
UCF plays 4, 2 and 2, with a road game at WVU


I was thinking about next season on my drive home from Spartanburg/Greenville today. I was thinking 10 wins, plus or minus 1, depending on how healthy the team is coming out camp. So, I’m a little more optimistic than fanduel. I get the feeling that we’ll have one of those wtf losses.

Hopefully the team does well, and we’re all happy campers.

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People on here think I am crazy about the UCF game being a big game in Orlando. I could be way off but that may be a semi for the CCG.


I have that one down as a loss, as of right now. I’d love to be wrong, but the travel and the date have me concerned.


And byu-provo tied for last. :rofl:


That is the only true football team on the face of this earth.

It’s weird but teams who travel on Thanksgiving weekend tend to do better from what I can tell. Something about being home at the holidays causes tons of distractions.


I remember the Jazz doing a ton of travel over the holidays, because of distractions. There may be something to what you said.