2023 Season Ticket Renewal

Got my renewal email and saw a $100.00 increase per ticket in the NEZ. They finally priced me out of 2 of my tickets and are close to pricing me out of the remaining 2.

7 games so we’re all going to see a big $$$$ increase

And just checked my email, the price per game is also up a bit too so overall went up a lot.

I’m pretty sure my price per game stayed the same. But it’s still pretty expensive and we get cheap seats in W08

When taking into account tickets plus required donation, my price per game went down a bit. From about $157 to $149 per game. Total bill up about $100 per ticket due to seventh game.

$150 increase for me, all in per ticket.

8% increase in total ticket costs (after accounting for 7 vs 6 games), which is acceptable, given current inflation. With Crimson Club Fees, these tickets are getting to be VERY expensive however, and I’ll certainly eventually be downgrading my seats.

They are not in the business of retaining longtime (50+ year Utefan) retirees, they are interested in raising money :frowning:


And they lean heavily on that 98% renewal rate. Eventually that will collapse on them.


I’m trying to decide whether or not to renew this year. I only made it to half the games last year.

I love being at RES, but between work, all the kid’s activities, and my general waning interest in the game, it’s getting harder and harder to block out the amount of time every weekend needed to attend.

I may just end up selling my seats this year (if anyone’s looking for five NEZ tickets, let me know.)


Come to the tailgate. It makes it all worthwhile.


That’s how Harlan sees his job. I don’t know if he has any choice, but I still don’t like it.


I gave up my tix last season. Watching from home on TV wasn’t as fun, but I also didn’t get home Sunday morning and spend the next day and a half recovering from going to the game. The joys of getting old and having to manage a chronic disease.


Per radio interview with Josh Newman: the increase averaged 15%, with some as high as 27%.

And the waiting list is in the 1,000s—so up it goes.

with some donor money going to NIL, everything else will increase to make up the losses.


I had not bothered to record the ticket price and CC obligation separately from last year, but my cost will go up about 1/3 this year over last year’s total. It appears to me that most of that is a huge jump in the CC obligation for our seats.

Edit: looking at last year v this year our price per game will go up 14.4%.


It’s interesting that the percentage increase is not consistent across the board. I’d be curious to know what tickets went up most. Mine are probably on the pricy end with my crimson club donation in about the middle of the groupings. I can tell you that over the the last 5 or 6 years my tickets went up a LOT, so I was pleasantly surprised this year. Now, if the cost is the same or higher next year for only 6 games, I’ll definitely be downgrading.

I’ve lived in my neighborhood (near the U) for about 30 years, and we were the young kids when we moved in. All the neighbors were in their 50s or 60s and most were Ute fans, and season ticket holders or regular attendees. It was sad to watch as each year the number attending games decreased until we were the only ones still buying seats.

At first the Ute flags were still out, and they’d watch on TV or listen on the radio. But too soon those all stopped. None of them quit being interested, just got priced out and found that TV or radio didn’t have the same appeal.

I started buy season ticket in both football and basketball in the mid 90s, and at the time, I gave up my 1/4 share in two Jazz season tickets for two full seasons of Ute BB and Football, and still had money left over. I wasn’t paying CC fees, but was getting reasonable seats, especially in football. That is all different now. You cannot buy the same quality seats I was buying in football without steep CC donations now, and they are no longer tax deductible.

As @LAUte said, fundraising is the name of the game. And with NIL success being the key to future success on the court/field, it’s not going to change. But at the rate we’re going, I likely won’t be one of those octogenarians they occasionally trot out at halftime to honor for their decades of attendance.


There’s money to be made on the exchange. Just sayin’ - if the University is looking to extract money out of people, then it’s only fair to do the same, right?

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This is the key-as long as there is a 98% renewal rate and a lengthy waiting list for season tickets, premium seating, and tailgate spots the prices will keep going up. When people on the wait list start backing off from the entry fee and season ticket prices is when we will see ticket price increases slow or stop. Given the continued population growth of people moving into the state, I don’t anticipate that scenario for a good while yet.