2023 Football Signing Day Thread

Link to the official site:

So far 5 letters in: Clegg, Howard, Zipperer, Alderman, Snowden

Here’s a link to the commitment list on 247. There are 20 HS kids +2 transfers expected to sign today. Do transfers actually sign a letter? I don’t know.

Whit implied yesterday they expected everyone to sign, but the recruiting sites might get surprised. I take that to mean there might be 1 or 2 secret commits. Who might they be? As of a few days ago the Utes were still known to be recruiting the following uncommitted kids:

Walker Lyons TE
Tausili Akana DE
John Randle RB
Luke Talich ATH
Xavier Guillory WR transfer
JayQuan Smith ATH
A JUCO WR whose name I forgot. Started at Oklahoma.

Would not be surprised if 1 or 2 of theses ended up Utes.


I always love seeing the kids that are recruited as athletes. Maybe I’ve romanticized it, but it sure seems like we find the right place for them, often as DBs, and they thrive.

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Smith Snowden, Diaderen Zipperer, Hunter Clegg, Mack Howard & Roger Alderman have signed so far

As most have generally waited until their lunchtime or early afternoon to sign, it’s a good start.

Lomu is a Ute!


How about kickers? What happened to the “Ausie pipeline?”
Thats been a real blemmish in the last couple of years.
Can’t we pull a walk-on from the Soccer team?


Utes have a commitment from PWO Dax Iverson, a 5* PK from Fremont.


One of the surprises! Well…sort of…

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CJ Blocker has signed!

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Tell me more. What makes it sort of a surprise?

Randle was not committed until today, although the experts had him leaning to Utah. See the original post of this thread by Ute_In_Texas.

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As an old guy, seeing the Utes signing day we are seeing today is definitely not something I would’ve ever expected.

It these kids have the tools and skills to crack the two-deep, especially on defense, we could be looking at the team taking another step up.



Especially when you see who the other schools are that we beat out. We’re competing and winning against schools we never used to even be up against in recruiting.


When Mac was hired there weren’t many D-1 players coming from the Utah high schools and the few that existed almost always went to TDS. The depth and quality of players coming from Utah high schools is really good and this year we’ve been able to sign quite a few of them.

Spencer Fano made it official:


I don’t know if it’s just Utah, but we’re seeing a lot more WRs who are in the 5-10 / 170 range.

Call it the Covey effect or the Jaylen Dixon / Money Parks effect.

At the end of the day, separation is separation, doesn’t need to be vertical.


Would like to see a mix of big bodies like Vele and skeeters like Covey/Parks.

I hope we’re going after Joey Hobert from Utah Tech. He’d be a fabulous addition.