2021 Spring Game Stream!

Enjoy and GO UTES!!!


You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

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Ok, it’s different to see two QB’s with quick releases.

I am wondering what the punishment is for dropped passes today. All these kids seem to be yanking down passes that got dropped last year.

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Thank you so much @UteStuckInSeattle! Fun to watch the Utes! Brewer looks good - of course, he might have been sacked or pressured more if he wasn’t untouchable. Costelli looks promising but not quite ready yet. TJ Pledger and Bernard both looking good as well as Enis, Vele, and of course Mr. Covey.

JQJ looking decent on the run but passes and judgement seem a little off (timing, wobbly, happy feet). Could be a great wildcat option this season as he develops (learn the system or changes positions).

Curry looking like a bruiser - plowing through tackles. RB is at least 3 deep, so great news just in case any get injured.

Chagun dinked short FG - might solidify backup to Redding (or Noyes is actually listed as #2 for PK).


First half thoughts:

  1. My goodness, Brewer is the real deal.
  2. Both Pledger and Vele look great as well. Super excited about the offense.
  3. Brewer would have been destroyed in a couple of those plays if it were a live situation. Still a bit concerned about the o-line.
  4. Definitely good glimpses from Costelli. Interested to see both Curry and JQJ, hopefully in the 2nd half.
  5. Defense looks solid, nothing jumped out as particularly good or bad.
  6. Covey is hilarious.
  7. Stadium looks great.

Go Utes!

  1. definitely is showing his experience, poise, and love for football
  2. there are a lot of weapons. WR looking promising. Haven’t even touched on TE which is a strength. RB is deep
  3. yep, D made sure not to touch him, but he could have gotten blasted
  4. Costelli progressing, but probably #3. Curry looks great. JQJ not ready yet
  5. DBs look ok (a couple PI). Hard to tell DL and LB - seem like they are pushing hard then making sure to not get injured or injure others (good thing)
  6. Oh man, I love how they mic’d him. 7th year Junior. He’s a legend.
  7. Can’t wait for the finished product and hopefully filled with people. It’s going to rock.
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Cragun and those kicks…yikes.


Cragun will be a fine kickoff specialist.

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Did just what we needed to do…And it was entertaining.

Not sure this hasn’t been posted elsewhere. YouTube of the mic’d up Covey:

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At the rate his eligibility is going, he is planning to fill out his social security paperwork when his time at school ends.

He was hilarious.


Spring games are limited in what they reveal, but there were some insights:

  • Brewer. I won’t recover the superlatives, but as a one-to-play-one, let’s hope we get somewhat of a QB pipeline established. Agree Costelli looks like the long term, though I wouldn’t rule out Rising. Jackson & Costelli could be interesting changeups in the right situation… but keeping 4 QBs happy is a tall order. Ideally Rising heals up this year, you have Costelli & Rising battling it out in '22. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… (Note to Jackson - Chase Hansen got to the league with less physical talent than you have. Just saying.)

  • The WRs - Enis let the cat out of the bag: Having a QB who can both deliver the ball, but even better take it to the next level and innovate with his WRs… makes an enormous difference in the WR room. Vele looks like the guy we’ve heard about, I sure hope Dixon keeps fighting because he’s a threat. Savage & Parks - we’ll see. Brewer & Bumphis seem like perfectly timed changes to help that position group make the next jump up.

  • RBs - we know Bernard has the quicks & moves. Everyone wanted to see the transfers. Pledger looks like a complete back: good vision, tough, acceleration, lateral movement. Welcome TJ! Curry packs a punch and gets N & S with good acceleration. He could do some serious damage in 4th quarters when opposing defenses are fatigued from having to deal with Brewer & the air game.

  • O-line - Ford, Moala & Krump held out, we saw some of the depth. This offense will go as far as the OL play allows. We’ve got numbers, now we need execution & results.

  • Defense - I’m not worried about the D. Tons of guys held out. Carlton certainly passes the eyeball test, interesting to see Zemiah Vaughn moved to CB, the LBs are known & talented, our teenage secondary got out of last season exactly what we needed - game snaps.

I see no reason why it won’t be TEN after Game 2.


Gotta say, Brewer’s mechanics do indeed look good on this play. He waits a half-second, sees the opportunity, and drops a dime. I’m starting to get excited.


QB play will be dictated by OL play. Pass blocking has really struggled, hopefully that improves.