2021 Recruiting

Utes only have 1 SR (Plummer), but someone always transfers so it seems likely Larry will have 2 scholarships available.

As far as I can tell, the Utes only have offers out to 2 available recruits. All the others have committed elsewhere.

They are:
Armel Traore, SF, 6’8’’ 220 lbs. He’s French.

Chikara Tanaka, 6’2" 190 lbs PG. Japanese kid, playing his SR season in FL.

Anyone know of any other prospects?

Well, to answer your question, no I think those are the two we have a shot at right now. Moussa Diabate technically has an offer, but i think we will only get him if it turns into a Devante Doutrive situation. Traore would be the biggest get of Larry’s tenure on paper.

The blanket waiver makes alfonso an interesting case this year. Technically, he could play this year and 21-22. However, with a degree in hand after this year, and youngsters coming up who may overtake him on the depth chart, he may opt to see what the overseas market has for him after this year. This is going to make recruiting harder.

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FWIW…interesting ball spin after release. Also, seems to carry the ball quite a bit while dribbling – that said, I’m a bit old school about that.

Hes the 5th ranked prospect from Serbia of people born in 2002. Looks like a nice pickup! Thats now 2 in a row that have been completely out of nowhere.

his release (and the resulting odd sideways spin of the ball) is concerning to me. Doesn’t seem to elevate much when shooting or driving. Barely gets by defenders in what I’m assuming is a high school equivalent league (could be wrong there).

I wouldn’t bank on him being hugely successful.

On Armel Traore, SF, 6’8’’ 220 lbs.

TBH he reminds me of a guard version of Riley Battin. Riley was just barely athletic enough to be a superior HS player, and when that advantage disappeared he became a 1 dimensional player, that isn’t consistently good at that one dimension.

On paper Lazar looks like a good shooter. The film shows me that he is barely quick enough to get by defenders in his league, and never finishes above the rim, or even at it. His shot is funky.

My guess is, he’ll be a streaky shooter, and I may be misjudging his athletic abilities based on one highlight film.

K3 needs to hear from you now.

meh… Like I said, it was one highlight film. I sees it, I says it. That’s all that is going on here. Not criticizing anyone’s recruiting. We need shooting badly. I hope this kid has that. His numbers say he does.

I am also not impressed by his film. We’ll see though. I’m hopeful.