2021 - 2022 Running Utes Basketball season

Let’s Go!

Fennis Dembo and Eric Leckner caliber Wyoming or standard Wyoming?


Wyoming had some damned good teams in the early 80s. Watching them beat UCLA in the Hunty was one of the best times I’ve ever had at a non-Utah game.

A LOL, although pretty dated, reference. :laughing:


Like I said I heard the guards dominated defensively. Bigs struggled a bit with this. The first half was a little choppy as you’d imagine, the first live bullets of the season. Lazar is out with an injury, I heard he had been playing really well and would have played a bunch. It will be tough for him to get minutes missing this key time before the season.

Fennis Dembo and Eric Leckner, along with guys like Michael Smith at BYU were among my first hated rivals of my childhood. I remember our seats were behind the press box (that row of seats behind the glass) and all the WYO fans were sitting behind us… that was nuts.

I think Wyoming used to have more fans attend the games in Provo and Salt Lake than they get now in Laramie. Watched part of a USU/Wyo game a few years ago played there and it was a very empty arena.


Gach didn’t play. Still waiting on his waiver.

Lazar Stefanovic didn’t play. Injured.

Bostyn Holt was unable to practice the next day. Don’t know if he missed the scrimmage, or got hurt during the scrimmage.

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So Lame. Ps guys should get a free transfer.

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Looking forward to this season with our new coach. Basketball is the best sport.

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