2020 Utah Record Predictions

We’ll see the new schedule in the next couple of days, but this is feeling like a 5-2 season to me with the youth and chaos:

USC - W (hoping it’s in SLC as it would have been with initial revised schedule)
AZ St. - L (just because we always lose one we shouldn’t - I really really dislike them)
AZ - W
CU - postponed (if not last game of ‘regular’ season), then W

Out of Division:
We probably don’t get lucky and pull someone like Stanford. But we usually match up well with them.
Stanford - cancelled due to too many cases

With the AZ St. loss, they have the tie-breaker for the South and we end up #2, playing #2 North:
Let’s go with Washington - still have talent, let’s see what coaching does. Feels like we lose a tight one - L.

Bowl game: W

Ok, too many guesses and so much is made up. I haven’t done much research on how other teams are fairing and practicing during the Pandemic. Share what you think.

I’d take 5-2 right now if offered.

9-0 Baby! National Champs!

Might as well shoot the moon. Because I really question if we’ll get to game 1.


Nice. I could see an undefeated season, but it likely would be something more like 3-0 with the conference falling apart and cancelling games.

With no in-person fans and CA schools leading they way in being super cautious (can you assume that with college kids? probably not), hopefully we start playing, just like others. If anyone thinks all the teams will play every scheduled game and in a nice linear path from start to end of season, hah!

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By November, the whole cluster mess will be shut down due to the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 laying in hospital beds on respirators.

Waiting a year is not a big deal. I can see why the rumored vote was 7-5…5 of them get that. The other 7 went full lemming. I hope it doesn’t come at the cost that it does with lemmings.

With the kid in Provorem having COVID pneumonia, you’d think we might be looking at this a little different. I guess not.


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