1280 The Zone: Are they joking? or is the morning program just a joke?

I have never listened, but this morning I tuned in. Are these guys actual sports journalists? Or are they just trying to inflame the various fan bases that listen to them? It almost seems like they’re baiting Utah fans. How long has this been going on?

Sports radio is usually a complete waste of anyone’s time. If I’m in the car mornings I stick to 1A and learn something and hear intelligent discussion.


Their latest statement is that Utah’s BYU win is Utah‘s best win this season. Why would anyone say that unless they just wanted to get people stirred up?

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The computers universally agree that UW is our best win this season. Three points:

  1. We don’t have a great resume on paper; like Clemson, we are going to rely on the eye test and style points. In that category, we do stand out. But Oklahoma is going to finish with 3-5 top 25 wins against a tougher SOS than Utah.
  2. The BYU win is pretty good. BYU will finish with two top 25 wins, easily its best results as an independent. The win against USC is BYU’s first top 25 win as an independent against a P5 team. Kalani did what Bronco was never able to do.
  3. The purpose of sports radio is to stir up the listeners. You should only listen to sports radio if you want to be stirred up. Otherwise, listen to music. Music is such a better way to spend your time.

Let me guess, PK? That dude is basically just a professional troll.

That said, from strictly a win-loss perspective, they’re correct. BYU is 7-4. Washington, Cal, Wazzu, and ASU are all 6-4. Everyone else is below that.

Washington on the road is obviously the best win (given how badly they demolished BYU), but I can kinda see where they’re coming from if I squint real hard.

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Local Sports talk is a joke, 1280 especially. Patrick Kinahan’s sole job is to stir the pot. I used to listen to ESPN 700 a ton, but once Bill Riley started firing everyone and the afternoon show became a revolving door of hosts I quit listening to local sports all together.

My main source for sports is twitter and the Athletic. Chris Kamrani does a fantastic job covering the Utes.

UW and WSU are definitely better wins. Cal and ASU are arguably better.

That same BYU that got crushed by UW? Ummm ok.

ESPN’s FPI ranks our wins like this:

UW (#20)
WSU (#27)
ASU (#43)
BYU (#54)
Cal (#56)
UCLA (#57)

Sagarin has almost the same order but flips Cal and BYU.

Again, our resume is built on the blowouts, not the opponents. It’s comparable to 2004 in that way. Of course, Oregon will be the best win if we get it. If we don’t get it, we’ll be too depressed to care about this particular instance of pot stirring.


Sagarin is similar:

24 Washington
36 WSU
40 ASU
54 Cal
55 BYU
63 OSU


I never listen to sports talk radio. Anyone can spout their opinion and then hang up on whoever calls in with a differing opinion. Music is much better. Listen to music.


I used to say that PK was a poor man’s Collin Cowherd, but that isn’t really correct. PK is a poor man’s Gordon Monson trying to sound like and have the radio persona of Collin Cowherd.

Local radio is a joke - never listen.


PK is a complete joke. When I used to work at KJZZ we had a nightly sports show. PK would be booked to come in and have a discussion about whatever topic with DJ or Locke or whoever. He never came in even one time prepared to do the segment. He usually rolled in 2-3 mins before we were scheduled to tape and ask “so what are we talking about tonight?” The producer would of course mention that he had sent several emails and of course PK had not read a single one. He would then just ask the other person what they were going to say and then say he would just talk about the opposite. I honestly don’t know how that clown still has a job!!


I really don’t care about this statement. Utes fans need to stop getting so triggered about BYU. The reality is Utah played them, Utah beat them easily and each team’s seasons have played out since.

Folks who haven’t watched Utah play this year will try to analyze “Utah’s best win.” If BYU hadn’t freaking lost to Toledo and Tampa Tech they’d look like a much better win on Utah’s schedule with 2 Top 25 wins and maybe ranked. I believe what’s more important to look at though is how Utah is plowing through it’s competition.

Might as well look at it rationally.


Then again, I would think that Utah is not BYU’s worst loss given they fell to Toledo and USF.

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I was not triggered, although I am sure some listeners were. I was just struck by the blatant baiting. It seemed low-budget.

In 2009 after BYU beat Oklahoma I turned on 1280. They were comparing the game to Utah’s Sugar Bowl win, basically saying that BYU team was in fact the better team and that it was a better win overall.

Haven’t listened since.


I would say that there is a case that can be made that BYU is a quality win. Best? That’s subjective. We beat a team that beat ranked USC, ranked Boise & SEC Tennessee. That does give a case that it is a quality win if not the best. If BYU isn’t the best win, Washington would be but their record on the year isn’t particularly impressive either. IIRC, they have no top-25 wins. Puget does make a valid point regarding the Sagarin ratings.

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Sagarin agrees with you. All 4 of those teams are better wins for Utah.

edit I see now that you already posted the Sagarin rankings above.

It’s the Phil Hendrie show for their Utah County listener base. They play act roles that upset Ute fans and other normal people and sell ads to businesses selling to their customers. Do they do appearances anywhere other than Utah and Davis Counties, with the occasional Draper?

Segmented content and ad selling is hot right now. How else to explain the Fox alternative universe. :wink: