#10 Utah WBB beats #14 UA 80-79

Good win. Took my niece to the game. Just when I though all was lost, Pili saved us. We were up 1, but turned it over on an inbound pass, which UA scored on a lay up.

Down 1, with 1.6 seconds left, we inbounded ball to Pili who was fouled with 0.3 seconds left. She calmly made the two free throws.

Tried to give it away in the last minute, but hung on. Pili has ice in her veins, but she’s from Alaska so it makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wanted to attend but am on call at work this weekend. But a very entertaining well played by both teams.

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Was in town for the Red Rocks and Wasatch Classic this weekend, but left late enough to catch this game. It was a physical, hard fought game. Plus the refs lived up to Pac-12 “standards”.

Jessica Johnsons what I think we’re grandparents were on the flight back home. They go to one game a year in Utah and picked this one. They were pretty happy (which is about all you can expect from a Minnesotan) about the outcome.


UA has both size and athleticism. Impressed.