Zach Moss reportedly out for at least three weeks

I’ve been pretty happy with Brumfield and Willmore so hopefully next man up.

I’ve still not seen any official word on the Britain Covey rumor I posted about the other day. Not sure if that one’s holding up.

Bummer about Moss. He doesn’t deserve that after making the decision to come back for his senior year.

Dang, was hoping to have him back for ASU. That game always scares me, and it looks like it may determine the South. Still, bottle up Benjamin, forcing Daniels to beat Utah in a raucous environment, and I like our chances regardless of who our back is.

One thing I’ve actually been really happy (and have been completely overshadowed by our failures in the secondary) is the Utes Rush D. USC was in negative yards there late into the 4th quarter. We seem to crap the bed when it comes to ASU frequently - but we should be able to shut down Benjamin as well as any team out there.

It’s one of the main reasons we see these kids jump to the NFL when the iron is hot. I hope the time off heals him up, and isn’t just a delay for injuring himself more. I would hate to see him possibly lose a shot at the NFL. Regardless, best wishes.

Next man up.


Does that include the week that has passed or three additional weeks from now?

Looks like Moss is aiming to play at Oregon State.

I hope he does. It would be good to have a warm-up game for him before ASU.