Your kids won't get it


Speaking of which, if you want to do something entertaining, ask people under the age of 21 what the save symbol is.


I have a cassette player in my ‘weekend’ car, so the concept of tapes is not beyond my eight-year old. However, the idea that people used to leave ‘voice mail’ on said tapes was a bit of a mind-blowing thought for her.

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Tapes - a few years back when my kids were smaller we were staying at a friend’s cabin and they had a whole collection of VHS tapes of Disney movies. My kids selected one and I opened it to discover that it needed to be rewound. So I stick it on the player and hit rewind and it starts whirring. My kids sit there puzzled and then say, “Start the movie dad!” I explain that we need to wait a few minutes for the tape to rewind and they honestly thought I was putting them on.

The other one was watching that Seinfeld episode where George needs to make a phone call on a pay phone and has to keep waiting and missing his window. That whole concept was mind-blowing, my kids kept saying, “Why doesn’t he just use his phone?” I had to explain that as little as 10 years ago most everyone didn’t own smart phones and 25 years ago most people didn’t own cell phones. Nobody knew where anyone was and you’d have to wait for them to get home to just talk to them on the phone. Then the next concept was the busy signal.

I also had to say that it was a glorious time to have nobody know where you were.

On demand culture is pretty interesting. If a solar flare ever comes and wipes all of this out it’ll be a rude adjustment.


Love ironic humor!
Maybe you’ve seen this one before.

I remember a time when I only had Beatles White album, Eagles Greatest Hits & The Band’s Greatest Hits on continuous 8 track loop in my car


Those tapes can give a very rich sound!

“Can” being the key word here. Limited by absolute ■■■■■ 4 inch speakers.

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If one used a deck/receiver with a Bluetooth would you lose the “softer” quality of analog sound by pushing it through a digital format?
Audiophiles anyone?
We often bring our Bluetooth for long drives and it certainly sounds better than older stock auto speakers

I kinda like my old factory tape player. I’m going to eventually hook up a small amp and some better speakers. Probably a good winter project assuming I can clean the garage enough to fit the actual car inside.

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Wish you the best
Winter’s coming fast

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