Young Utes

I’m not one to post & don’t want to leave an obvious post. These young Utes look good. Very young and reckless. With this squad, I’m okay with a .500 team, but am well aware of the future. This team is young but, damn good. They have a lot to learn. I’ve been very impressed, mostly, with the Minnesota game. They hung in there and stepped up. Hopefully, a learning lesson.

Go Utes

McKenzie '88

I agree. I’m not a student of basketball the way some people on the board are, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far.

You had an opportunity to call them the youngun Utes and you missed it. I am sad at your wordplay game. :wink:

The “young guns” are showing hope for the future. They will steal a few games this season from better squads, but .500 might be all they get to. Give the kids credit, they are playing their asses off out there.

Their enthusiasm and what appears to be good chemistry should make them fun to watch, but their inexperience will make this a learning year and fans may need to be prepared for rough stretches and mistakes. Had a lot of turnovers against Minnesota, but we played hard enough to pull out the win.


It has appeared to me a lot of the TOs are a result of trying to do too much. Gach had a stretch in the 2nd half last Friday like that. Those things are teachable corrections.

The best part about them is there isn’t an apparent lack of talent on the team and the cohesiveness seems to be good. Right now I think they’ll be ok, not great, but will pull a couple of upsets out of the hat. They also could cause some disruption in the PAC12 tourney. I’ll take that given the youth.

We all put the provision “if they stick around” when talking about the future of this team. I am hopeful that the addition of Donnie Daniels to the staff will help with this. He certainly has a masters degree in helping players along in a difficult situation. If that is the issue on this team he may just be that solution.

This is a fun group to watch. We have a point guard! I think this Myrtle Beach tourney will tell us a lot about what this group can do. It’s hard for me to think that this team has a realistic shot at the NCAA tourney, but then again, the PAC-12 as a whole is (finally) showing out in the pre-season. Seems like this is a year the conference could get 5-6 teams in. Can the Utes finish that high in conf to get one of those spots? Probably a long shot, but I like what I see from this group.

More than any other recent season, I look forward to this one. We will not dazzle the masses but they sure will be a fun team to watch. I know we will see a wall after 10-12 games. This happens to all young players and teams. Great things on the horizon if we can keep this team together.