Yikes, hope these allegations dont prove true


Ugh, sounds like he’s done

Flying back from Seattle this morning, my wife and I sat by coincidence next to Megan marsden. We said to her, “we sure hope everything works out for coach Farden and for the team.” Of course she did not say a word, but she must have known.

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I won’t claim to know what went on, I’m probably the furthest person removed from the situation, but if there was some sort of misconduct going on then heads need to roll! I don’t care who you are, Whitt, Majerus, Smith, Urban etc… The kids come first, winning is great, but the reputation of the University comes first.


Reading the press release from the U on this it seems whatever precipitated this action did not occur with the athletes. It clearly says it has nothing to do with student-athlete welfare. I’m going to guess there’s some away from work/school incident that’s at play here. We’ll see.


Seems like that wording is a CYA because of the independent investigation’s findings. Probably needed to find another reason for cause and not open up a legal battle since that report was published.

Yeah, probably something like this - some conduct ‘off the floor’, maybe even off campus and/or some dispute with the athletic department or procedure issues (recruiting, stealing signs :wink: ). I think he was on thin ice and they were keeping continuity and balancing things, but something must’ve tipped it against him.

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Washington Post today has a lengthy article both about Utah, but also about very similar, but seemingly bigger issues at Utah State.


Farden out. Good move considering. With the right coach (Carly may be it) plus the program support, i hope we reach the promised land again.

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And no one knows anything. Just a feeding frenzy of speculation.

Wish Tom well
Wish the team well
Wish the future well

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The Washington Post has reported that Farden’s lawyer had made public comments that he intended to sue two of the gymnasts, one of whom was Kara Eaker, for defamation. That was the same week they put Farden on leave. My speculation is that the attorney’s comments violated an agreement made at the conclusion of the abuse investigation, since the U said at the time the move did not have anything to do with student-athlete welfare.


That pretty much is exactly what happened. The U learned about it when the Post reporter called for comment or confirmation, and was horrified. The other gymnast was Kim Tessen.


If that’s the case, and he’s going after two of his gymnasts for defamation, I’m glad the U cut him loose. We should have coaches who are better than that.


The attorney’s report said he had to change some things—nothing that sounded inappropriate or tough. Attorney reportedly said Farden was not going to change anything.
if that is really what Farden said he had to go.
If not he needs to sue his attorney for malpractice