XC Skiing

I’m not sure if there are any cross country skiers here, but thought I’d create a thread and find out.

I have not skied at all in the last decade as a result of traveling a LOT for work. Having resigned that position, I’m now home all the time and with the Pandemic, looking for outdoor activities. With the cycling season over (except for a small handful of diehards) I’ve decided to get out the skis.

I used to work in Park City and regularly skied the golf course and “the farm”, as well as the trails in Round Valley. I skied Mountain Dell for years, but I doubt there is enough snow there now.

When my son was young and participated in the Tuna youth program, I skied the road in upper Millcreek, as well as a groomed area near Little Cottonwood Creek at Alta. I think someone may be occasionally grooming the road to Big Mountain as well, but have never skied there.

The Mirror Lake Highway and of course Soldier Hollow are great places to ski, but I’m focused now on places that are closer, for everyday skiing.

While I love classical, I really prefer skating, as I have lower back issues that are aggravated a bit by classical. I’m waxing skies today and getting out all the old equipment and clothing.

Any other skiers out there, and if so where are you skiing now?

While we’re on the subject, hopefully our Utes can collect the Championship they rightfully should have won last year:

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My wife and I are avid skate skiers (although certainly not “animals.”)
Pretty much weekend warriors…
We don’t mind spending the money to support the industry so we often go to solitude Nordic center which has reasonable trails and you can avoid the hills if you want and go around the lake and stay relatively flat or you can really punish yourself by doing the big loops
we also frequently go up the Alta Summer road and Millcreek canyon road but both of those are fairly challenging I think for skate skiing.
We also again spend the money and support the Nordic alliance by going to Mountain Dell. Round Valley is great for a lot of long-distance stuff and can actually get quite cold definitely bring snacks I always seem to bonk somewhere after about 15 km. my only complaint for both Mill Creek canyon and round valley is there is a ton of dogs and I really don’t like misbehaving dogs that want to bite me in the ass. Which is where they always seem to want to bite me…
Finally, every now and then we’ll go to White pine Nordic center or even Sundance if we just want to check out a different area. For some reason we’ve just never had the opportunity to go to Soldier Hollow, but I hear it’s great and I’m sure I’m up for the challenge.
You feel free to boardmail me if you’d like and and we can chat in person if you’re so inclined
I wish you the best!

Thanks! I had completely forgotten about the Solitude Nordic Center, which should certainly have some decent snow right now and will be a good (flat) place to start the first time out.

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The lower loops offer about 500 combined feet of climbing but it doesn’t feel as stiff as some of the other things (like Mill Creek canyon) which can sometimes be like a test of will as much as cardiovascular fitness

I have to say, if you ever get a chance, Crested Butte is a little sleepy little mining town converting to a ski resort; it’s off the beaten track, and it takes a while to drive there but they have over 55 km of some of the best piston-bully groomed skate skiing trails we’ve ever been on and
It’s just a really lovely opportunity to just go for relatively flat - almost completely low angle - but long distance stuff.
The town is really cool they have a shuttle that runs from 7:00 in the morning till midnight and it’s free and you know there’s no corporate Starbucks or anything it’s very hip place
We saw these cougar tracks way way out probably six clicks from town!


The cycling season never has to end if you have a fat bike. I primarily mountain bike in the non-snow season, but even my roadie friends that have bought fat bikes have loved it. I ride at or near many of the areas that many XC skiers use. So while I don’t ski I can give you an update on some of those areas.

Round Valley right now doesn’t have enough snow to groom for the XC skiers. It’s rideable on a fat bike with a mix of not very deep snow and dirt. Millcreek has started grooming lately, but gets lots of crowds on weekends, so go mid week or go really early on the weekend to avoid having to dodge dozens of hikers, skiers, bikers, and dogs on your way down. The road up East Canyon to Big Mountain has enough snow that it has been recently groomed. Most of us fat bikers are riding the Mormon Pioneer Trail instead of the road, so you’ll likely have less crowds up there. Enjoy!


That is spooky - I’ve recently seen what I think were cougar tracks in the snow just above the reservoir in City Creek Canyon - not riding my bike up there alone until the weather is much warmer as a result.

Thanks for the recommendation for Crested Butte. I’ve never been there but will look for an opportunity to go. It sounds great.

We’ve had winter vacations (although not for many years) involving XC skiing at Jackson, Sun Valley, West Yellowstone and Targhee, and enjoyed all of those locations - each having pros and cons. I personally love the terrain and the experience of Targhee. I can’t wait for COVID to be behind us :slight_smile:

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I’ve considered buying a fat bike this year - have several friends that swear by them and I’m sure I’d love it. This year through, I’ve ridden enough that I’m looking forward to a little break, and the whole experience of XC skiing, is so different that it provides a lot of variety.

My technique has never been great. so I get an unbelievable workout, but am so focused on improving technique that the season flies by.

Good to know about round valley - we really don’t have much snow anywhere :frowning:

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