Wynn to Scott Report- Arizona Recap 2021

Hey everyone-

We are steadily improving the postgame show and will be adding new and improved “Plan to Wynn” episodes tomorrow. Thanks for all of your support and GO UTES!

Outstanding! Love the animation at the beginning!


I have to echo LA, “Outstanding!”

Great insight from former players without getting too technical, they share the same emotions we do on a tight game, but JW explains the Cover 0 that led to Plummer’s rushing TD.

Nice to hear KScott’s nod to our young cover corners, while being honest about some breakdowns. LOL about him calling Marcus Williams a “rotisserie chicken” as a FR!

These two add seriously credible insight.

This isn’t good content… it’s great content!


Really enjoyed it. A question you might want to ask that I think is always frustrating and confusing to fans is what are the dynamics in play when one week a team will come out with great energy and the next week they will come out totally flat. A follow-up would be who are the key people to try to prevent that from happening - coaches, seniors, captains.


Yes, I think it would be good to have a Q & A, we can submit questions they could answer:

  • how big of a difference is it when things are rolling vs when it’s a tough game?

  • how much of a difference does it make when the other team is playing hard, eg Stanford vs Arizona

  • how complicated is it when an audible is called. How much changes?

  • what is coverage masking and how does it change the execution of the play as it’s unfolding?

Decades ago the coaches had a Football 101 class, aimed at fans who really didn’t understand FB at all, like ladies going with their hubbies.

I think it would be really helpful to have like a Football 301 set of explanations to help experienced fans understand more of the intricacies and subtleties, kind of like how Tony Romo brings a several levels difference to the broadcast booth.


Excellent!! Thanks to Wynn and Scott, and to Steggy for the planning and production!


Steggy has been nails in making all these things happen.