WR Makai Cope, Utah bound

On the same day, WR Diamikkio Nathan decommitted. Cope is rated higher, so in theory this is an upgrade.

It’s really interesting to watch recruiting these days.

It appears many kids don’t want to compete for their spot, but instead would rather be anointed.

If a kid doesn’t want competition, I’d rather he not come.

Part of what makes guys like Steve Smith Sr., Zack Moss etc great is their drive to show everyone they’re better.


Cope’s size, film & recruiting rating suggest (hopefully) another Bryan Thompson. If he has Thompson’s drive & resilience, we’ve got a pretty good player.

Diehard’s so right about Steve Smith - it would have been fun to watch him play in the PAC-12. Undersized, athletic, determination off the scales, and fearless. I see some of the same character in some of our WRs - Thompson, Enis, Nacua. We’ve seen glimpses, hope they can break out.

I disagree with this. Completely. These kids work as hard or harder than anyone of us have ever worked at anything. They have every right to go where they will be happiest and there are a lot of reasons why, including playing time. To assume a kid is lazy or entitled, it’s wrong.

And not every kid decommits because they don’t want to compete or didn’t get a promise. The world isn’t black or white.

With the state of our passing game and past track record it’s a miracle we got a 3 star WR. If I’m a sought after receiver, Utah is at the bottom of my list.

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