Wow, this is a must read for Ute fans

gotta admit, I teared up a little bit. (Open up the entire thread from Cheri)

Me too. Very cool, thank you so much for sharing.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing and puts it all in perspective. Most all of our athletes are not just incredible athletes but stellar human beings and scholars too.


Not opening for me…has it been taken down?

Never mind, I copied and pasted the link in another webpage and it opened. Thanks.

I’m so proud of those guys. Thanks for posting.

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One of the things I did for the football team was organize and accompany players when there was a request for players to visit local schools. I never had any trouble getting a group to go and they were always fantastic representatives of themselves, their families and the University. I am guessing over the 8 years or so I was with the program we visited 50 or 60 schools and classrooms.


A lot of great stuff in there, but Nick Ford particularly stands out to me. He is mentioned several times, but his responses to fans really set him apart.

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I participate in a program to provide players with shadowing experiences to explore heath care and hospital systems. I want student athletes to understand early in their academic journey that there are a plethora of opportunities - besides being a Physician. As a health care provider, I can take them through a multitude if settings. Not everyone plays pro ball…
I’d love to see a 6’5" 260lb linebacker become a nurse or, a hospital administrator, tech expert, media specialist, pharmacists… You get the gist.
Please tell any coaches, students or faculty about this program, through the Student Athlete Office.


If I remember correctly, Ben Hendy, a TE from Hillcrest, became a nurse. I believe he played from 2006-2009. If you have some materials about the program, I would suggest that you contact Jeff Rudy, the Director of Football Operations.

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I remember him well. He got some playing time in '09.

Many ICU’s have a very large male nurse (usually an ex football player). They recruit them in case a patient needs to be picked up and moved quickly. A friend of mine was one of those guys in Houston.

Must read for sure…