Wow, Larry putting together some talent rich classes

Utezone reporting that 4-Star Shooting Guard Pelle Larsson just committed.

That gives us the 5th ranked class in the nation and 1st in the Pac.

I liked what I saw from the team in the against Nevada. A lot of stuff to clean-up, but they’re young and we’ll see how they grow in the system. Glad we beefed up the OOC schedule too so we’ll see how they do against better competition.

Reminds me of Mike Newlin

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He will join Martinez, Brenchley , Both Gach, & Rylan Jones as backcourt players.

Brenchley & Gach might be able to play the 3–where they will join Timmy A & Thor.

That is a lot of talent.


I REALLY like the look of this team going forward!


Pretty impressive.


More about this:

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I ll take things i ve heard before for 100 please Alex.

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Does anyone know how are we going to find the scholarships for four new players?

I’m jealous of your hoops program. I just want to get to the final four ONE TIME!

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[quote=“utahraptor, post:8, topic:1873”]

Does anyone know how are we going to find the scholarships for four new players?

[/quote], Perhaps we'll have some players transfer after this year... (Am I playing the straight man here?)

Falsev is a mission first kid, so we just need one current player to transfer. As long as its not one of our starters, I’m good!

If this Falslev, is any relation to JD Falslev, I hope our new recruit will not be intentionally injuring anyone on the football team :slight_smile:

Kidding obviously :slight_smile:

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He’s a cousin to J.D. F#@$-you-slev.


Thank you for the proper spelling. It may modify over time as the family adjusts to the new environment.

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Jon Wilner gives us kind of a back-handed compliment:

The basketball early-signing period begins today.

• The best class in the Pac-12 belongs to … Utah? Yes, Utah! From the 247sports analysts: “The Utah Utes have landed one of their best recruiting classes in a long time. Utah’s four-man class brings a lot of positional diversity, and features some top talents.”

• Speaking of top talents: USC signed the No. 1 player in the class of 2019-20, center Evan Mobley, while UCLA signed the No. 1 point guard, Daishen Nix.

On the football front:

• UCLA’s success on the field is tracking victories in recruiting. The Bruins just hooked two defensive linemen from the east coast and have 19 players committed for the 2020 class.

• Washington is bumping along to a disappointing season, but the Huskies have the No. 1-ranked recruiting class in the conference. “It’s not that on-field success doesn’t matter, per se; that’d be an oversimplification,” writes Mike Vorel of the Times. “But this class’ belief in the stability of UW’s program pulverizes any enduring doubt.”

• Colorado landed two commitments recently. Both are from the eastern half of the country and one, a running back from New Orleans, had some impressive scholarship offers.


it will be more impressive if he is able to keep >50% here. He has not had a great track record at keeping kids in the program. I don’t know my sibling’s take on this since I got fed up with his attitude and ceased communicating with him my life has been much calmer and peaceful since then I’m sure he will defend Larry no mattter what though

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I don’t know if I’d defend Larry as much as I’d say that 80-90% of the transfers have been guys looking for playing time. There have been a couple (I think 2-3) guys that could have been integral parts of the team, but frankly the rest were simply recruited over and wanted to go where they could play. Even Jayce falls in that category though he gave us a lot of hard work.

I expect the same to happen this year. We’ll lose 1-2 guys and that’s the nature of the game when it’s not panning out. We see a lot of transfers now in college ball. Just my opinion, but you combine that with Larry having a slightly higher turnover rate, the Zoob whisper campaigns and you get some valid but a lot of invalid Ute stomach rumbling.

That said, with the way the classes are now shaping up, I do expect to see better results as far as tourny appearances. If that doesn’t happen, then the ice starts to become pretty thin.


It’s fine to say they were recruited over, but until now I didn’t feel like the talent coming in was better than the talent that was leaving. Or maybe said a better way, it felt like more of the same. Take a guy like Donnie, this should have been his year, he’d been steadily improving, but he’s gone. My memory is not good enough to recall more names, but I’m sure I could go through the rosters year by year over the past 5-6 years and pull players year by year that played significant minutes, then were gone. The biggest difficulty for me is that you are probably right in the respect that many of those players weren’t going to ever be good enough to get us where we want to go (like Jayce), however we weren’t bringing in new faces that were better. Carlson is definitely an upgrade, Both and Timmy provided they stay, can be really good, MVK and Lahat look like they could also be good, I’m hoping Rylan shows some real progress this year. I haven’t been this hopeful about Utah bball in a long time. If this incoming recruiting class can pan out along with those that are here staying, maybe I get back to feeling excited for hoops season again?


Actually, that wist would pretty much just be Donnie, Jayce, and Devon Daniels. Prior to this past offseason, the transfer thing was limited mostly to guys looking for more playing time. Losing Donnie and Jayce was very different that what had happened before - we lost actual starters.


It will be interesting to see how Donnie, Jace and Devon finish their careers.

Last year Devon appeared in 36 games, making 13 starts, and averaged 9.3 points and 4.4 rebounds per game at NC State. Scored in double figures 16 times.

According to the box scores, Jayce hasn’t played yet for Marquette, including in a blowout win over Loyola where 12 players logged minutes. A news article says he is “week to week” with a knee injury. Before the injury, Jayce was quoted about his transfer in the local paper as saying, "“It’s been really great. They’re pushing me every day. Just seeing how hard they work, it’s put me on another level than my last team. It’s been great.” The more I watch Utah’s bigs this year, the more I think Johnson would have been a role player off the bench if he could have stayed healthy. Still it never hurts to have experienced bigs.

Tillman has gotten off to a somewhat uneven start for UNLV. He played 26 minutes and scored 16 in a win over Fort Wayne. But followed that up with 16 minutes and 1 point in a loss to Kansas State. Incidentally, in that same game, former Ute Makol Mawein played 22 minutes for K-State and added 2 points.