Wow 12 new players. Larry has a tall task in front on him

If they finish on the top half of the league that’s probably a successful season.
My sibling still swears by him.

The D&F is gone from the Hunty. :worried:

It’s been gone from the floor for a while. The Ute Tribe has requested it not be stepped on. Is it still up in the scoreboard ?

Most on here swear at him.

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Good info.

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I’m ok with it, I really like the interlocked U’s, and would be just fine with us phasing it out. As much as I’d love to think the relationship with the tribe is cooperative and thats the face we put on it, at times it feels more like a hostage situation. I’d actually be fine if we dropped ‘Utes’ completely as an official mascot and became simply U of U. We could still use it as a nickname rather than replacing it, but just take it off all official material. Just a thought…



I don’t think the D&F has been on the floor at the Hunty in 40 years. When I was a kid it was the thick red circle that said Utah Utes - more recently it was the block U. As mentioned, the Ute Tribe asked that it not be on the floor so they put it as a light underneath the jumbotron. Is that gone?


He has a tall task ahead of him…that he created. I don’t think I have ever been more turned off from a major Utah sport than men’s basketball. He earns a top-10 paycheck, but can’t produce top-100 results. Couple that with the off-season tradition of running off players, and I am pretty much done with K.

Chris Hill did a lot of good for Utah athletics, but signing Larry to that huge contract was not one of them. We will probably see him coach for the next couple years, with similar results, and I think at that point Harlan gives him the boot.

I didn’t know that was a thing, but makes perfect sense. I recall when the drum n’ feather used to be in the end zones as well.