Worth a watch - Casey O'Brien, Minnesota football's 4-time cancer surviving placeholder

My daughter likes to kid with me that I don’t ever cry. She claims I should cry at least 6 times a year. I’m happy to report that I just took a step toward reaching her quote.

Amazing story. Thanks for sharing.

That was great. I hope he can make it into a game that is a blowout - maybe Rutgers in a couple of weeks.

I just became a Gopher fan. Amazing story. It makes me sad to see someone with his character have to go through such a trial, meanwhile someone like me has had it relatively easy.

Very touching. Thank you Rocker.
As a matter of fact, sarcomas are one of the least funded cancers, affecting virtually all tissues. Both the Huntsman and Primary Children’s have excellent clinicians and researchers to help brave survivors like Casey.
It’s a remarkable story.