Worst officiated game in a long, long time

Over the back not called multiple times, missed hacks, missed block/charges (the one on Jantunen was just horrible), phantom travel calls (and non-calls)

That said, the Huskies are unbelievably long and athletic. We had a hell of a time getting the ball anywhere. All passing lanes were closed.

Mike Hopkins is almost at Hurley level when it comes to complaining.

It’s nit picky, so it will probably annoy you, but here is no such call as ‘over the back’. It is either a push or not a push. A rebounder can go over the top of another player who is shorter or didn’t jump, however if that player contacts the player beneath him it can become a push. I know that is actually what you are saying that Stewart was banging into the backs of Utes trying to keep him off the boards, and he was very physical and plays with a lot of energy. And I’m not defending the officials, because I agree they were very inconsistent all game (although I though the ASU game was worse) however the zone defense which UW played all game and the Utes played off and on throughout the game lends itself to a lot more physical contact on the rebound because everyone is area rebounding and area blocking out. Refs have to adjust to this and allow more contact or else they’d be blowing the whistle after almost every outside shot because everyone is flying around and banging into each other.

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Seemed a lot of charging/blocking decisions that normally would be given to the defense went in favor of the offense. (Except the very last second call where Battin drew the charge of course).

We took advantage of that a few times in the last few minutes, driving at the defenders, drawing blocking calls, and making the throws.

I’ve been worried for a while, in fact I said to the Mrs in the OOC season, we will not get these calls once P12 play starts. I’ve been pleased that I’ve only been partially right, we are still getting some of those calls, but not nearly as many as we did before the regular season. We need to be careful that we don’t get a reputation for flopping because that won’t end well for us. If we stop getting any charging calls, it’s going to lead to a lot of foul trouble and a lot of easy buckets for the opponent. IMO we need to stand our ground a lot more often and be a little more choosy about when we try to draw the offensive foul.