Winning gracefully

There are varying opinions on this, but I liked it when Kyle had the Utes take a knee in the final seconds of the BYU game, even though another score would have been easy.

Perhaps the folks at Michigan should’ve stopped them. While I wouldn’t have called that play, it’s still up to the opponent to get the stop.

Good point.

RUTS depends on the sport and the situation. For example, you can’t really RUTS in baseball (because you either hit or strikeout and it’s up to the other team to end the game) or in World Cup group play (because goal differential matters.) Basketball you can. Football you can but only kind of. I don’t think Bama stomping meatchicken is an example of RUTS though.

And to me it’s a matter of winning gracefully, not really RUTS. And it was classy of Utah to take a knee at the end of the BYU game. Part of that was because of the friendship between Kyle and Kalani, but still, I liked it. Also, it was a bit of a statement: we’ve got you, we can kill you even worse, but we are being merciful to you.

I feel a team should take a knee (or dribble out the clock) in these situations. But also feel that if the opponent it trying to tack on unnecessary points at the end of the game, rather than complain, you should to stop them.

I think you take a knee. I also think that in basketball when the team with the lead and the clock is down to the point where the losing team is too far down that you just let the guy dribble out and stop trying to steal the ball.

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Like what OSU did to Utah last night.

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When the game is in hand and there is no hope of the team winning it is time to take your foot off the gas. It is simultaneously a show of sportsmanship and ironically superiority.

One thing I’ve always liked in cycling is that sportsmanship. If a main rival gets in a wreck or caught behind in some adverse road condition the main leaders will ease up and let the rival catch back on for a fair game. I wish we saw more of that sort of thing in sports.

Nick Saban hasn’t been great for football in that regard (IMHO).

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Rocker, I love you bringing cycling into these discussions. I would add to your cycling reference, about the crap storm that occurs if main leaders/rivals don’t wait on a crashed rival.

I don’t think I can disagree with you on Saban. Too much in the way of style points are needed now, otherwise your team doesn’t “appear” good.

See this is where someone on here throws out a topic with zero knowledge. Saban is notorious for taking a knee. What the OP fails to google (Like he did on a post saying Saban bashes Utah this season which also was false) is Saban and Harbaugh have a long standing dislike ever since Harbaugh started doing Sat Camps, breaking NCAA rules and making College football have an AAU aspect. Not to mention Harbaugh when he first started at UM jumped on Twitter and started talking â– â– â– â–  about Saban.

Maybe the OP needs his own SEC board.

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That was such bull****!

I have a different take. Game time is critical, so if you’re up big use it to play your 2s and 3s. But continue to run your schemes.

This discussion is complicated by the fact that margin of victory is now built in to the algorithms we use to measure teams.

thank you for the clarification. I had a feeling there may have been something personal, but didn’t care enough to dig into the issue. Good to know. Again, thanks for the clarification. FWIW, I don’t really care for Harbaugh either. Goes back to how he treated Alex Smith at the 40-whiners.

Also, helps that Najee Harris is the one who was running and keeping that drive going. He’s most likely going pro this year. A Bay Area kid who was deciding between UM and Bama when he committed. I’m sure he wanted that second TD as well.

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It’s not about a Lou Saban, just the concept of winning graciously.