Wilner gives Larry Scott a report card for his tenure as commissioner of the PAC 12

Larry Scott’s Report Card

Interestingly, he get’s one of his highest grades for PAC 12 expansion.

  • I see that papers in Seattle and Colorado carry Wilner’s reporting on the PAC 12, I guess it’s too much to expect one of the locals to do as much.

I was passing by a TV the other day with the local sports report on. They took a generous amount of time to tell everyone that Taysom could play if the backup covering for Brees gets hurt. That is really news they presented and the manner in which they did. A THIRD-STRINGER.

The local media here can eat a bowl of pizzle.

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Then we couldn’t keep up with what the Jimmer and Taysom Hill are doing every day; and for whatever unexplained reason, Andy Reid.