Will there be a 2020-21 PAC-12 basketball season? How?

Here’s some interesting reporting by Josh Newman. It feels like there’s momentum behind the pod approach.

Could Utah and the rest of the Pac-12 play the upcoming basketball season in a bubble? - The Salt Lake Tribune

no way we can fire Larry now :smiley:

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That would be awesome. Let 'em all in.

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In all likelihood, a massive ncaa tournament would be by regional pods but here me out…

346 eligible teams…

teams ranked 1-166 get a first round bye. The other 180 teams are seeded and we have 90 play in games. The 90 winners join the other 166 in a 256 team field that functions just like the ncaa tournament with two extra rounds.

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I LOVE the NCAA Tournament - I would absolutely hate having two extra rounds.

  • First week of the tournament is awesome and magical.
  • Second week is just great b-ball.
  • Final Four week is about enough basketball (or the most amazing sporting event in the world if you have a team in it).

I kind of feel like it will rob the world of that experience. My 2 cents of course.

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March Madness is my favorite 3 weeks of the year. After taking Thursday/Friday of the first round off twenty five years in a row, 2020 broke that streak.


A 346 team tournament!!! I’m making my reservations in the casino sports book right now.


We may not be watching in the Huntsman, but it looks like we’ll be watching: