Will the Utes push the Buffaloes over the cliff?

New game time - now Saturday at 2p MST on Fox.

Weather forecast in Denver / Boulder is 26F and 70% chance of snow.

Sounds like a great opportunity for Ty Jordan.

Gotta return the favor.

*10 AM MT

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I like this better than the late Friday game in the snow at night.

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The last time we played at Boulder was a snow fest, too. That was Jason Shelley’s 2nd game after the crazy BYU game.

If the field conditions are crappy, the advantage goes to the offensive player, in the open field. (See Errol Tucker in '84 vs UNM in the snow on punt return.)

Jordan & Covey could have good games. Bernard has excellent vertical acceleration, too. Colorado has a good RB who’s also pretty small.

From what I’ve seen of our young defenders, the athleticism is really good, so they should be able to stay fairly close in coverage. Richie, Sewell & Fotu are from Utah, they know the situation, Lloyd knows, Vonte Davis does, too.

I think we should be OK.

According to Fox, it is a 10 AM start. It’s the big noon game replacing OSU UM game

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I was there. 1st half was brutal - cold and snow. 2nd half cleared up and was nice.

Sat morning has lower chance of snow but about the same temp as Fri night - around 30 with a 7-10 mph wind.