Will sportsmanlike play keep Utah out of the playoffs?

I think most of us heard Kyle say he thinks style points count, but that’s not the way he coaches or his teams play. His talk is backed up by game play.

This season, it started with the first game, where a 4th quarter sustained drive easily would have added an extra seven points to the route of BYU. Instead Utes backed off and victory formationed to the win. A class act.

Most other games, foot was off the gas early or mid second halfs.

Now, many are saying two resounding victories are necessary to impress the playoff committee enough to jump.the Utes to the final four.

I’m fine seeing the Utes dominate and win comfortably. Not so sure about seeing them go to extraordinary efforts to RUTS.

How far would you go to insure a playoff bid if you are Kyle?

I complained of this from the first game and got shouted down.

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The best style points are the points not scored. I respect keeping down the opponents score much more than running up our score. Utah has excelled at that and that is their style points. If the playoff committee doesn’t respect that then to hell with the playoffs, I would be happy to have Utah not be part of that culture.


I have favored RUTS recently was a prefdiliction for us in the past to allow some opponents back in the game only to lose.
However, I do admire the integrity of winning without necessarily humiliating our opponents for no good reason.


The best style points are not losing at USC. This is not a matter of scoring eight touchdowns on Saturday. Just do what we do and enjoy what happens. Nothing better for your bowl chances than winning. If we don’t get in it’s our own fault. And if they don’t like coaches doing all this sequin sports preening like a bunch of figure skaters, make the playoff at least eight teams with guaranteed spots for conference champs.


This is the right answer! Use your defensive prowess to, and running game to control the clock, and give the opposition fewer opportunities to score.


I don’t think a 21 point win will be any less impressive than a 42 point win. Both are domination. 42 points just means you kept your starters in too long, some fluky okays occurred, it the other team gave up.

I think the committee probably looks at wins by categories, not point spreads.
Dominant wins (3 touchdowns or more),
Comfortable wins (game not in question the last 5 minutes. 10-20 points, or a 7 point win with a garbage time score by the other team)
Close win (1 to 7 points where the outcome was in question in the last 5 minutes)
Squeak By Win (1 score win in either overtime, or that came down to one play)

The committee does look at more than just the score, especially for the top 10 teams.

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Things hurting Utah in the order I think is applicable.

  1. Losing to USC
  2. Oregon losing
  3. UW having a down year. 8-4 would look better than 7-5.
  4. BYU, NIU, Idaho St.

Beat CU by 21+ points and hold them to 7 or less and we will have done all we can do this week.

So let’s do that and anything else is just gravy. A 28 pt win is entirely possible but I don’t think it will move the needle much. I suspect a 52-3 win against CU wouldn’t change any mind that’s already made up…and most of them are. :man_shrugging:t2:


I like your list but if we’re being honest the byu game didn’t hurt. I wouldn’t lump that game in with NIU and Idaho St, those 2 hurt us.

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I wonder how Whit feels /felt about Edwards RUTS when he played. They had afew 69 point games and reinserted players to set records well after the game had been decided.


Probably doesn’t hurt, but I don’t think it helps.

Then again, let’s say we leave Huntley and Moss in the whole game to tack on a couple more TDs against a few teams and one gets hurt. And we possibly gave up a couple of shutouts by putting in the subs on defense which among other factors, saved some wear and tear on the starters.

Going for style points can hurt in the long run.

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