Why is nobody in the media mentioning in regards to Utah's CFP spot the fact that we were screwed out of a NC shot in both 2004 and 2008

This to me seems like a big reason the Utes deserve the spot if they are able to beat Oregon. In their last meeting with an SEC team in the Sugar Bowl 09, the Utes plastered Alabama and deserved a piece of that NC, which later was awarded if I’m not mistaken.

OU and Georgia have great brands but Utah is the again underdog that the country will love to see get their chance after the injustice of the BCS screwed them in the past.

The Utes are the new Ohio State of the West and from California to Florida we are the team people will watch far more than OU or Georgia. Go Utes take care of Oregon and get what’s deserved.

Fair point.

I wouldn’t say we were tOSU of the west though!

A bunch of teams were screwed in '04. That said, I think you should have gone UCF and claim the '08 title.

We should reject the idea that past success can get you a spot in the playoff. It should only be determined by the current season.


That is a good point, and a very relevant one considering the value name brand seems to have in CFB.

I remember the committee chair say that they are not looking for the 4 most “deserving” teams. They want the 4 best teams.

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