Why can Utah St play in the Bad Boys tournament, but Utah can't?

This seems so weird to me. Just like in football. And my understanding is that it was the UTES who pulled out. What is going on with our athletics?


And we actually test.

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If I remember correctly, a bunch of teams pulled out of the Dakota tournament because of the pandemic.

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Meaning the pandemic in SD, a state where contact tracers have just quit.

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We test a lot more than other teams do.

But I turn on the TV, and there is Utah St. They don’t have near the resources Utah has.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way (or something like that).

Speaking of basketball, there are a lot of good games on today, with Gonzaga vs Kansas being the main event.

Don’t forget to watch Alex Smith this afternoon.

Then, for your nightcap, you can watch 0-4 New Mexico vs 0-4 Utah State. Hey Aggies, you can do it; when there’s a will there’s a way.

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Yes, I’d love to risk these kids getting sick in a hot bed so bad there’s a 50% chance they’ll be exposed if they’re close to a local.

Had nothing to do with resources.

Had everything to do with a transmission rate that makes Utah look like it’s doing well.


Would you really want to be travelling to South Dakota right now with a C-19 positive test rate of well over 50%? I’ve got family there and I wouldn’t go on a bet.

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You’re not confronting the thrust of my post. Is Utah St just stupid and irresponsible, and Utah so sophisticated and evolved?

Or – what? I’m confused.

Schools, like individuals, can choose what risk level they are comfortable with, particularly when it involves non-conference games. What the motivating factors were when Utah dropped out, the positive tests of 8 players would definitely have eliminated the Utes.