Why bring in 11 freshmen?

It’s not like all these guys are “one and done’s.” In fact, none of them are.

Why not find talent at the Jr college level, and put together a team that will be not only competitive, but elite.

I don’t get it. We don’t have years to waste.

Hit the flag button accidentally. You bring in 11 freshmen when you have players transfer at the rate Larry does. I’ve no idea why he didn’t gonthe JC route. Maybe he did and struck out?
Larry is responsible for the tram being this young.
Not regretting not renewing my season ticket after watching that debacle

Whining thread alert!


This is not whining. This is a serious strategy question. The UTES had ample room on their roster for players. Even one or two mid level JC guys would have been better than the worst of the 11 freshmen. I’m confused.

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Why bring in 11 freshmen?

Because we could. I’m OK with it. Better investment in the future than possibly winning a few extra meaningless games.