Who will be the starting back now?

I know two entered the transfer portal

Micah Bernard or incoming recruit Ricky Parks. Might help to look at the transfer portal.

Thanks until we find our starting QB I was not worried about the run game now I am.

Can the two that entered the transfer portal come back to the Utes?

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Would the team want them back?

“Would the team want them back?”


I think generally we have let them go and filled the spot, but in this case, maybe a big reason they left is playing time so either Wilmore or Brumfield could perhaps be recruited back? It seemed like Wilmore might be more ready and have the talent so he could start with Bernard getting a decent number off carries and Ricky leaning in. We generally don’t split carries too much thought. We find a feature back and only have a change of pace for certain situations (e.g. goal line or if we have power, run speed every once in a while). Seems like Brumfield is more of a big power back. Depends on what we need, but instead of bringing in someone new, seems to make sense to see if either of them would like to come back with the change in circumstances.

I think we go with Bernard.

Personally, I think we could use a legit full back, and work it into our scheme. More along the lines that Vakapuna and Unga were used. That was a hard punch the Zoobs brought those years.

But could either of those guys come back? Or are the rules such that they can’t?

They should be able to, as long as there’s not an eligibility issue if they left school

Pretty sure that not coming back was a Whit rule, not an NCAA guideline.

My guess is that Bernard will be the #1, we’ll bring in someone from the portal, and Parks will have to learn quickly.

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Could also be a good time for Utah to rely on the throw game a tad more, at least for next season. I expect Ricky Parks to fill in nicely. We’ll see, everything is in flux. Utah will be fine. Shame about Ty, heartbreaking.


It seems like all of the rules are thrown out this year. Also, it seems a player should be able to change their mind over the transfer portal decision. The big issue is changing the coach’s mind.