Who the h-ll is in charge of special teams?

Three, yes three, blocked punts in one season is unbelievable! I don’t remember how long it has been since I have seen even one blocked punt.

I am very pleased with this seasons success but this will be a problem if the future if it doesn’t get fixed.

None other then Sherrieff Shah.

Some on here think he’d be a good head coach. :thinking:


We only give lip service to special teams these days. Long gone are the days that we actually highlighted them.


Where is the kicker and punter?
Where is the 50 yard field goal?

They have passed like rain on the mountain.


Shah needs to go

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Shah needs to go?!! Are you joking? He’s our DB coach - you know the school that has DB’s all over the NFL! He needs to stop coaching special teams - and for that you can point the finger at Whit.


While Shah is the special teams coach, all of the coaches except Ludwig have different coach different special teams positions, including KW. Personally, I do not like the formation we use. The 5 down linemen with 2 guys spread out wide and a 3 man wall compresses the area too much and allows teams with speed on the outside to get past the wall because those guys look inside out and are not quick enough to get to a speedy guy from the outside. I hope we go to a different formation.


Honest question… is Shah solely responsible for getting these kids to the NFL?

We could even split up duties and the punt unit is coached by someone like OL (it’s all about blocking at this point) and someone else handles kickoff coverage and/or FG. Either way, it’s all about the blocking scheme that’s not working. They look lost and block no one. It’s like they’ve been told to just stand there and be barriers and hope the punter gets it off. I saw that the punter was getting it off in 1.96s (1 step) which should be enough time.

KW said after the game one of our best players didn’t do his job, which lead to the block.

It was obviously a pretty blatant error for KW to not say he needed to watch it on film.

He also said that error falls on the coaching staff for not having the player ready (which is good leadership, but likely not really accurate. Whoever it was screwed up, which happens)

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No, but he has a lot to do with it.

He’s a good recruiter and coach. And many of our best players have commented about how important he was to them outside the lines.


There were more mistakes than 1. No way 4 guys come through to the wall and are on the kicker that quick. But here’s to hoping they actually fix it because twice in one game them again this time is not acceptable.


One guy didn’t do his job? I think I saw 5 Arizona players converge on the ball with only 3 blockers in the backfield trying to block them.


That Olé blocking scheme is a problem. It’s pretty simple. Pick a guy and block his a$$!


Look at the 20 second mark of the video.

Interesting… because I have had conversations with former players and current NFL players that have said the opposite.

Holy cow. It was 7 on 3 (whole line went downfield) and 2! Players blocked it with 3 ready to pick it up.

“ Who the h-ll is in charge of special teams?”

It’s sure not Urban or Whitt.