Who should we be rooting for?

Just so I’m not only posting old wrestling videos, here’s an actual topic.

Who should we be rooting for in the coming weeks? There are so many variables with strength of schedule, conference championship games, old blood politicking, etc. So how’s about a thread with some teams that we should be rooting for - along with the justification. Of course, this is all with the assumption that the Utes TCB and win out.

I’ll start off with the low-hanging fruit:

USC - We need for that early loss to be less of a coffee stain on our resume - USC finishing strong may get them into the Top 25 even, but a loss to an 8-win team doesn’t look to terrible in the scheme of things. So go Trojans!

USC, Washington and Oregon need to win out. Oh, also, root for the Utes.


If that happens the conf will have two 11-1 teams, two 8-4 teams and a bunch of middling garbage. Even if every other team with the potential to win out does, they still can’t even get to 8 wins. USC and WA are the best chances to be looked at as decent opponents. What a weird year.

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I’m rooting for the SEC to get sucked into some sort black hole so we can stop hearing about how great it is.


Western Carolina!


I keep reading that LSU needs to beat Georgia.


Agreed. Georgia beating LSU in the SEC championship opens the door to two SEC teams in the playoff and that’s the end of getting a PAC12 team in.

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Yup, and out of conference, root against Clemson and Oklahoma and for LSU. It’s really that simple. It likely doesn’t matter who wins in the Big10.


There is only one thing left to do…

Wipe these ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ out.

Next up ‘Zona.


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#1. Utes gotta win out. Style points matter. Continued beat downs are important.

Root for LSU over Georgia. This is most important because it pushes #4 team out of the picture. But an LSU Loss we couldn’t compete with a 1 loss LSU team resume wise.

Root for Auburn to beat Alabama This pushes #5 team out of the way. With Tua injury I think it’s less likely they get in even it Alabama beats Auburn but SEC bias is real.

Root for Clemson to slip up.

Root for Washington/USC to win out.

Root for Oregon to remain unbeaten in PAC-12 play until meeting the UTES.

Root for OSU to beat PSU

Root for Wisconsin over Minnesota

Root for Oklahoma to lose one more.

Go Utes!!!


Nice sizzle, Vizzle.



That is the only thing the Utes can control. Win out and the worst case is the Rose Bowl. How bad is that?



Vizzle’s got it right! It’s not like we need all hell to break loose. These are very realistic by themselves. All of it happening is a bit of a longer shot, but it could happen.

And it may not be necessary, but another Baylor loss would make me feel better about things.

Fo shizzle

This week


Full list with percentage of happening and reason we need to root for.
I boxed the 6 most important games.


LSU losing to Arkansas would be great for Utah.

It could help and it could hurt.
LSU and Ohio State have already convinced the country they are #1 and #2 overall.
A late season slip-up probably doesn’t hurt them. LSU and Ohio St can coast to the playoffs. Clemson losing to South Carolina on the other hand would benefit Utah. Although South Carolina beat Georgia but Clemson is not very highly praised right now. Texas A&M (7-3) was their toughest opponent and that was week 2.

I just think LSU losing would benefit the SEC as being a superior conference. Even though Arkansas is terrible this year, All it would do is jump Alabama into the top 3 and if/when Auburn beats Alabama they slid in there. I think LSU beating everybody up is only good for Utah. A 2 loss Georgia vs a 1 loss LSU probably gets both teams in. LSU 13-0 and an 11-2 Georgia probably only gets 1 SEC team in.

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Arkansas is 2-8 and 0-6 in the SEC. They lost to San Jose St who is 1-5 in the Mountain West. There is no way that kind of loss somehow ends up benefiting the SEC.

Arkansas winning is very unlikely, but you included that game in your chart.

LSU isn’t getting in with two losses over a one win conf champ. So a loss by LSU before the conf championship game means only one SEC team gets in.