Who has tried some of the alternatives to SlingTV - now that FS1 is not part of it anymore?

I’ve long been a cord cutter - and been a pretty good advocate for Sling. But if they don’t have the channels I need it is time to find something else. I’m curious who has used services like YouTubeTV or Fubo - or any other service I’m not thinking of right now. Are you happy with it?

I like YouTubeTV. It’s easy to use, including the DVR. I use it in three places:

  1. A TV with a USB Chromecast. Basically, my laptop/iPad is the remote. I have no complaints about this method. Works great. And they gave me the Chromecast when I signed up.
  2. A Roku smart TV with the YouTubeTV app. This works fine, but searching and changing channels is slow enough to be annoying.
  3. Just stream it on my iPad with the app. This works pretty well.

I don’t like that they just raised the rate to $50/month. I think I can bundle Comcast internet and cable for about as much as internet + YouTubeTV. They don’t have the Pac-12 Network :frowning:

What did it cost before. I check out FuboTV but that seems way expensive. I liked the $25/mo of Sling…

These network wars are nonsense, it just encourages me to watch an illegal streamed version.

YoutubeTV started at $35, and has gone up a couple times as they’ve added channels that I don’t want.

The $25 for sling didn’t get both ESPN and FS1, right? I seem to remember needed to get two packages to get all the normal sports channels.

I do share my youtubetv account with my brothers. They have not disallowed that yet, so you could set up a co-op of sorts. They allow 5-6 different users per account (supposed to be household members).

$40 for both the ‘orange’ and ‘blue’ packages - however what they don’t publicize is that you can switch between the packages throughout the month, so I would just do the orange one (which had espn) and then switch to blue when a game was on there I wanted (usually the FS1’s). $5 more for the sports package which gives you the Pac 12 network.

But with FS1 gone I’ve just shut it down.

I didn’t know about switching. That’s pretty good.

Sling has been my go to since cutting the cord, as it had the trifecta of what I was looking for at the best price:

Fox Sports
Pac-12 Network

The only drawback is they do not stream my local channels (Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC) so I have to rely on an HD antenna for these, which is troublesome as I’m at the fringe of the range of my internal antenna, so things can get spotty.

I’ve tried many of the other services and most are pretty decent

FuboTV - a close second to Sling in my opinion. It has all of my local channels (Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC) so no need to fuss with an HD antenna. It’s the only other streaming option, besides Sling, that offers the Pac-12 network. However, no ESPN so that was a dealbreaker for me.

Hulu Live - similar to Fubo but it swaps the Pac-12 network for ESPN. Another dealbreaker.

YouTubeTV - pretty much the same offerings as Hulu, at a bit higher price. No Pac-12 network. Dealbreaker.

Playstation VUE - Probably the most content of all the services for the “core” package. Definitely the best option if you want a lot of non-sports content. However, it is the most expensive of all the services, and still no Pac-12 network. Dealbreaker.

Basically, I’m finding that if Sling (Dish) can’t work out a deal with Fox then I’ll probably be subscribing to a combination of Sling Orange and FuboTV to be sure I get all my sports. I only subscribe during football season so this isn’t too terrible but still sucks that there isn’t a single service, outside an expensive cable / satellite subscription, that has everything I’m looking for.

I wish there was a service that actually had true “a la carte TV” where you could pick only specific single channels instead of dealing with these packages bound by billion dollar contracts between media outlets.

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I see that Sling is starting to offer local channels in certain markets - which I assume means it’ll make it to SLC sooner than later - then it’ll be the complete deal (minus FS1). I’m like you I turn it off when Football and b-ball is over.

A dirty little secret is you can actually just buy one package (either orange or blue) and switch it in your account settings - they just prorate it and apply it to the other account. A minor pain, but for a guy like me who is lucky to catch another game beyond the Utes - it is no big deal.

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Yup, I really like that about Sling and use the switch “feature” quite often to save a little $$$ while still getting access to my Utes!

I’m sure this Fox deal will eventually get worked out. I just hope it doesn’t take weeks and weeks to figure out or I’ll be forced to start making some “burner” email accounts to keep up with trial memberships to all the other stream services! LOL!

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I’ll admit that I have the user name and password of my dad’s xfinity subscription. He’s 90 years old and doing well, but someday I’ll need an alternative.

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