Who do you follow for snow forecasts?

I have followed this guy for years and he is great at both being right and also explaining a lot of the technical aspects of forecasting in an interesting and simplified way. I’ve found my knowledge of forecasting expand a great deal and how much science goest into it. What makes him fun is he is a major skiing enthusiast and so his forecasts are highly targeted towards the ski areas and he chases the powder.

I know there is the Hawaii Buoy guy as well… but I’ve found Evan to be way more accurate.

That looks good. I just downloaded the app and will check it out. This forecasted storm should put the base at my minimum so I can get skiing next week. I tend to not believe any reported based less than 60”. I like by skis.

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I follow the blog Wasatch Weather Weenies. It’s a blog run by Jim Steenburgh, who is a professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the U. Pretty good blog about storms and all around weather in Utah, (and other places he travels to).

Wasatch Weather Weenies

There is also the Utah Ski Weather run by students in the Department of Atmospheric Science at the U specifically for mountain snow at the ski resorts.

Utah Ski Weather

Since I don’t ski anymore and I’m more interested in Snowpack, Snowtel.