Who do we play this weekend?

What a freaking weird, weird year. Damn. So, Oregon State…with no QB? Maybe a QB? And an amazing running back.

That being said, UW had one of, if not the best rushing attack in football and we shut that ■■■■ dooooown.

Imagine if it was a regular year…

BYU - win.
Montana St - win
Wyoming - win

The young team starts off 3-0. Nice. Better than 0-2.

@Cal - I originally had this as a loss, but who knows, I’m a homer, 4-0.
USC - loss. Always a loss until it isn’t. 4-1.
@WSU - Ty Jordan freaking goes off on this team. 5-1.
Washington - Damn. Tough…tough…tough. I dunno. They beat us this year, loss. 5-2
@UCLA, Arizona, Oregon State. Win, win, win. 8-2.
@ASU. This would be the game of the year right here. Man, it would have been fun. Two young teams starting to round into a pair of really good teams. Would have been a slug fest and Rising would have outplayed Daniels.
Coloardo - win.

We are sitting here at 0-2 when in a non-COVID year we’d probably be 10-2 or 9-3 and ranked right now.

What a year.

Lets go pound some beavers baby.