Whittingham says be in your seats no later than 5:15pm - do what it takes to get there

We were at the game seated right behind the Utah bench at about the 35, and honestly the game felt like a home field advantage for Utah from go. There was a smattering of Arizona fans around us, but the Utah fans outnumbered them substantially. This allowed us to sing the fight song after every score and start chants. It was a lot of fun, and I was glad that we got the chance to go.

There was one thing to think about going forward. The stadium felt empty. It seats 57,400, but if it was half full, that would shock me. Add to that the large contingent of Utah fans, and the Arizona fans attending the game was small. The tickets for 4th row 35 (for this game only) cost half of what I pay to sit at the top of Rice-Eccles, and I saw that tickets for the game were starting for as little as $3.

With the expansion of Rice-Eccles on the horizon, I hope we can continue to be successful. Otherwise, the ever-increasing prices and greater availability of seats might eventually lead to a scenario where our stadium becomes a home field for another team. (And yes, I am still traumatized by 36-3).