Whit's future

I am hearing rumblings that Whit may retire after the end of the season. There are at least two articles in local publications discussing this possibility. Does anyone have any insight? Is this all just click bait? Earlier in the season, he looked tired and worn out to me. But as the team has improved and overcome the tragedy of Jordan’s and Lowe’s death, he seems to have gotten some newfound energy and excitement.

I hope he comes back for a few more years, but I wouldn’t blame him if he decides to step away.

As far as I know it is 100% clickbait. And without insider knowledge think about why this is the case:

  1. Whittingham won’t give specifics about injuries of players
  2. Whittingham often won’t name who the starting QB is until days before a season starts or even until gametime
  3. Whittingham isn’t the type to wear this sort of things on his sleeve nor share that sort of thing with ANYONE probably beyond his wife.

So he may or may not retire this year, but I would put a lot of money down that exactly nobody is working off insider knowledge.

I joked this year when he had longer hair that the day he got it cut people would suddenly think he looked invigorated again, and that is exactly what happened.

Finally, next year might be kind of special with what we have coming back. I obviously don’t live his grind, but if I were in his shoes and considering retirement, 2022 would be the year I would be thinking about.

One final pure speculation on my part, but my guess is that he wants Scalley to replace him (I’m not offering an opinion on that) and I could see him hang on until that got more clearance to happen.


The last two seasons have been a grind, at best. At worst, they have brought so much emotion, sadness, and challenge to be almost unbearable. When you start becoming a person of a certain age (50+), things like deaths of people close to you, issues with family (including just wanting to spend a ton of quality time with them), and the all famous “bucket list” become more a part of your being than they did when you were 30, or 40. Given all the kids and grandkids wanting “papa time,” getting his heart just trampled by those two tragic deaths of players, not to mention anything else going on in his life right now, it will all weigh.

If he goes, god bless him and his family for their contributions to our entertainment and his future endeavors.

If he stays, god bless him with success on and off the field.


Local….except one is Jon Wilmer whom is syndicated by KSL. He’s not local, and really isn’t a Utah fan.

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