Which Pac12 Road Trip is most difficult

The Mountain road trip is currently the toughest road trip in the conference.
And spanning the last 3 seasons as well

Only losses were Utah vs Oregon and Colorado vs Oregon St the first week of conference play.

Beavers with wins over Oregon and CU. Pretty impressive for a team in 11th place.

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LA schools only lost 3 home games

Colorado @ USC
Stanford @ UCLA

The 4 Mountain home losses are shown below
Oregon @ Utah
Oregon St @ Colorado
UCLA @ Utah
UCLA @ Colorado

I just have to say that this seems like a problem to me. Not sure if the conference sees this as a benefit in order to sell tickets at home or if the conference has no position. I know that playing on the road is hard at every level, but it seems ridiculous that the top three road pairs are 43-11, and conference as a whole is 76-32. Maybe that means conference is just that deep…

Remember that the league does not play home/away with every opponent, so this picture is perhaps a bit misleading or at least incomplete.

For example, had the Mountain teams hosted the Arizona schools, rather than the Washington schools, the record would likely have been more like 11/7, or 10/8. We would move from 2nd toughest road trip, to second easiest.