Which one of you is the guy with his shirt off with the U painted on his... uh... gut

Certainly wasn’t me. That was another wet one but I had the right gear. (Bought some Frogtoggs before the Wazzou game, great at keeping you dry). Do need to figure out some water proof gloves as I was squeezing water out like they were a sponge.

Finally looks like good weather for next weekend (so far).

Funny!! I know that kid. He’s a great fan and good dude, I don’t get after anyone for a gut (anymore)…


This isn’t gut shaming, it is gut pride!

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Speaking of which, where is “H” man lately? We need him back on here.


Oh, that’s me! Sorry for the slow response, I thought the video was from the most recent game, in which my GUT was covered with a red plastic rain poncho - thus no one would have known about the massive red U on the gut underneath.


I kept waiting for the Truffle Shuffle

He’s been active on reddit r/cfb. Here, not so much.

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