Which guys will be honored on senior day against CU?

Apparently Whitt said that he expects 17 or so players to be honored on senior day. With 10 seniors on the roster that means 7 or so players with remaining eligibility will be honored. Whitt did not name them because some of their decisions are still yet to be finalized. The NFL eligible guys are those who have been out of high school for 3 years. That would mean all of the players listed as juniors and sophomores like Rising and Thomas. We know Lloyd is leaving. I guess other guys we will see honored will be: Covey, Enis, Ford, Fotheringham, Kuithe, Sewell and Tafua. Would not be at all surprised if Daniels and Thomas are honored. Some of those guys will wait until they get their NFL grades before making a final decision and will leave if they get a high enough grade.

I spoke to Solomon’s mom on Saturday and he graduates in December with a business degree. His future plans seem still undecided. He’s very much a team first guy though so who knows what he will decide. I got the impression that his mom wants him to move on but he really loves his team so I could see him staying one more year. His mom and dad are really great people and I have loved getting to know them a little bit better this year.