Which band/performer have you never seen that you would travel pretty much anywhere in the US to see?

I have never seen Pink Floyd and would love to see them bury the hatchet and go on tour.

I saw Eric Clapton in 73 or 74 at the Salt Palace. Carlos Santana opened for him. I would love to see Clapton again.

Do they have to be living?

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Pink Floyd.

Originally read the question wrong, changed my answer.

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Black Sabbath but i got that done in last several years in Chicago and then Minneapolis. No Bill Ward which was a bummer but Tony Geezer and Ozzy was enough for me. It was glorious!

Yeah, that’s my question too.

Absent the still living constraint, it would be Joe Strummer, hands down.

Pink Floyd for me also. I always found their stuff a bit slow, so I avoided their concerts thinking I might end up taking an expensive nap. Looking back, I wish I had gotten off my butt and gone to one of their shows.

I don’t know if I would travel anywhere to see them, but I would go if it was nearby.

If the dead qualify, I would go to great lengths to see Nirvana.


Roger Waters is touring and playing a lot of Floyd stuff obviously including some deep cuts. SLC on 9/30.

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Nirvana put on a great live show. I would also like to see Fugazi. Black Sabbath would be cool, but I don’t think Ozzy can really sing anymore. I’ve been on a Beatles kick lately, but I’m not sure they were the best live band. Hendrix would’ve been way cool. I’m eager to see Radiohead if they come through this way again. I could go on and on and on.

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I have been to concerts of most of the legends, Beatles Stones Doors Who Bob Seager Led Zep Skynard Moody Blues and more. I never made it to Pink Floyd, I love their music and regret not making one of their concerts.

I’ve seen Fugazi 2x in SLC. Amazing shows. Also saw Radiohead at USANA when my wife was very pregnant with my first child. That means its been 16 years since they’ve been to SLC… is that right?

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I could have sworn I heard they came more recently. I have a friend who is a Radiohead super fan who would know, as he goes to as many of their concerts as he possibly can. I really, really like them, but man I got tired of listening to them. When I am in the mood they are one of the best. I’d say my favorite album is Kid A.

Fugazi also had a tremendous impact on me. I love Guy Picciotto and Ian MacKaye. That whole band was awesome. I also like Rites of Spring and Minor Threat quite a bit. Fugazi was the perfect combination. I’ve heard it described as Ian was the anger and Guy was the sex. Red Medicine is a favorite album of mine. So is End Hits.

They may have been. I know that Thom Yorke performed at Sundance a year or two ago…

I assume if you know Fugazi that well you know about The Evens. I call it old people Fugazi, but now more my speed.

My best friend who died of leukemia and I were big Fugazi fans. When he was diagnosed on a whim I emailed Fugazi from an email address I found on the Dischord site to see if they would be interested in doing a benefit concert for him. Guy Picciotto actually responded and said that ordinarily they would consider something like that but the band had just gone on hiatus. Who knows if that is true, but he seemed genuinely flattered at the request and took the time to respond. I always thought that was cool (and kind of cringeworthy that I would make such a request - but I was pretty young at the time).

The last concert I saw here was at a local all ages club (as per their usual demands and only $5). The opening band went long, and the club had bookended country line dancing after Fugazi so they had to play a really fast set. They did an encore of Smallpox Champion (from In On the Kill Taker - my favorite album) in about 2 minutes flat. The song on the album has seemed pretty slow ever since.

I was lucky enough to see Pink Floyd on the Division Bell tour. It was the best concert I have ever attended. I’ve seen Barenaked Ladies 5 times now. I’m seriously considering a trip to Colorado this summer to see them again.

Smallpox Champion is a great song, I really love the album it’s on too. I would’ve loved to have seen them. That is pretty neat that you got in touch with Guy. His style and overall conviction always spoke to me. Ian Mackaye called my friends house years ago after a Dischord band called “Make Up” played at a venue in Sugarhouse. Apparently they caused quite the ruckus and the venue owners were pissed. Dischord has had some pretty great bands- ever listen to Shudder to Think?

Yes of course I’m familiar with The Evens. Isn’t that just Ian and his wife?

I wish I had seen Floyd, The Who, and Neil Young about 20 years ago. Neil came through 4 years ago, but my wife was 8 month pregnant, and I didn’t want her to have to sit in marijuana fumes for two hours at a concert in Colorado.

I’m glad I went to Page and Plant in the late 90s in SLC, and I’m glad I saw Bruce, who puts on a famously amazing show.

I wish I’d gone to a Dead concert before Jerry died.

Bruce is another I would like to see.

I saw Dick Dale about a year before he passed away. The king of the surf guitar.

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Elton John and Fleetwood Mac with Christine McVie still in the band.

That must have been cool. I used to have a “King of the Surf Guitar” compilation on vinyl.

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Yeah, he and his wife. The Make-Up was a fantastic band, they put on a SHOW. Also enjoyed Shudder to Think.