What will the trajectory of the football program be at the end of the 2021 season?

Like most here, I believe that the trajectory of the football program has been steadily rising since back-to-back 5-7 marks in 2011 and 2012. Yes, there was a dip in 2017, when the Utes finished 7-6, and not much can be taken from the 3-2 finish in 2019. Over that same time, the Utah coaches appeared to have increased the talent level coming into the program. However, the early returns in 2021 remind me that it takes significantly more time and energy to build a building than it does to demolish it.

Despite the obvious problems with the offense, I believe the problem the Utes are now facing is one of their own making. All of us, fans, players and maybe even the coaches believed that they had arrived. However, it appears that some took that to mean that they could just show up and beat opponents they perceived to be inferior. They forgot to bring the chip on the shoulder that propelled Ute teams forward in the past. They failed to match the physicality and aggressiveness play that has been their calling card. They did not play with the same heart and emotion as the opposition.

The Utes have been exposed and it has undoubtedly shaken their confidence. The question is how they will respond. I don’t believe the Utes will respond down the road if they do not get a win this Saturday. Win this week and they have a chance to have a successful season.

Well said, @UTEopia.

However, the early returns in 2021 remind me that it takes significantly more time and energy to build a building than it does to demolish it.<

Don’t get me wrong, winning is the measure of success: but it’s not the only metric. I really have concerns. I’m not expertise enough to quantify football strategy, but it really just gave me the heebie-jeebies when we collapsed so quickly in 2019. It seems we might have a hangover effect.
I wonder if there is a measure of fatigue or complacency amongst the coaching staff, because it seems like we almost have a “performance anxiety” wash-spin cycle occurring.

Respect to the process, but seems like there’s a ghost in the machine…
Everyone wants us to win. I just don’t want to watch games with a feeling of impending doom. Go UTES!

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at the risk of making an excuse for Utah’s start, all PAC12 teams appear to have the same concern. Someone mentioned that only being able to play 5 games last year hindered development and momentum. Maybe there’s something to that?


This is the most talented Ute team since 2015 according to the 247 Talent composite. All that said, I watch your games and can’t help but to think how the loss of Ty Jordan has really set them back. I’m sure it’s not just on the field but also on the locker room. I have zero doubt though in over a decade of following y’all closely that Whitt will turn this around.

I believed that this would be the year that the Utes would make a BIG statement. I am not the only one, Witness the preseason ranking and Game Day hype.

I can’t explain the poor showing. I can only wonder, as I stated before, the new addition of volumes of 'transfers into" the system might have upset the previous culture.

You say this week’s game is hoped to be the big turn around. I must say the the Zoob game was that for me and led to my suspicion about the change in culture