What We Did Today

Do we have this thread established?
Going to skate ski today (I’ll post later) but don’t want to restart an established thread.
This is for anyone who is “getting out there” but also maybe those who build ships in a bottle, wood working project or massive puzzle project.

Over the past week, I’ve started practicing piano again for the first time in 25+ years. I was a pretty decent player back in my teens, but haven’t done it regularly since I graduated HS.

Bought a few sheet music books that I remember enjoying back then, along with a few new ones (the Final Fantasy songbook has been fantastic). I’m kind of amazed at how the muscle memory for songs I haven’t played for nearly 3 decades is still there.


Not much of anything.

We have two kids under 4, no chance at vaccination so we don’t go anywhere

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Sounds like excellent puzzle opportunities :wink:

I’ll be finishing my 100th knitted cap for IMC’s NICU (found knitting when I could no longer deal with pandemic sourdough…:roll_eyes::rofl:). Best part of my week (when there are no Utah sports to support) is going in there and cuddling those little babes… Ahhhhh……forgot to add that I tried to do my part for the Rose Bowl…


I emptied the dishwasher.


Today’s skate ski was at Solitude Nordic Center for 1:40 minutes, 10.34 miles/16+ Kilometers and 1,291 feet of elevation gain. Very cold, squeaky snow made for challenging skating. Otherwise, a very lovely day.
We love to skate ski.
Now it’s off to the hot tub with a tasty IPA.


What did today. Blue wax and I was flying!


We had a liquid glide on blue that despite its temp rating, seems a little “sticky”
On some sections we flew, but others, were stalled with dry squeaky snow.
Nordic skiing, easy to learn, impossible to master