What’s Going on in SLC that has hotel rates sky high?

Wife is headed up to our Montana home. I tried to book a Marriott hotel using points and every single one in the Salt Lake area is like triple the normal points.

You’re coming to stay while passing through. :wink:

Just went and looked for major events. There is nothing slated for March worth mentioning.

Though…we are in the middle of the 45 days from hell right now. That doesn’t end until a week from Thursday.

My wife is driving up to Stevensville, Montana and typically stays the night in SLC. She will stay in Pocatello where she can get much lower rates.

Example of rates: Normally I can get the University Park Marriott for 25K to 30K in Marriott points. They wanted 75K.

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Qualtrics major convention is next week. Speakers include Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Matthew McConaughey, Tony Hawk, and a performance from
The Killers.

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Nope. Turned into an on-line event thanks to CoronaV. Domo convention has also go to limbo.