What happened?

What the….? Where was my team yesterday? I went to the Rose Bowl, again, and can’t figure out why the team can’t seem to bring it to the Grandaddy?

I may be way off, but the Utes just didn’t seem to be interested in the game. I don’t know if it was the plays, the coaches, the players or a combination of all 3, but the team I watched yesterday is not the team I saw this season.

It certainly wasn’t the Utes team that played USC the first time or the second time. They looked tired or unmotivated or something. Am I way off?

Also, did Penn State hit the kicker or not? Did the refs blow a call or not? It was hard to see for sure.

USC was very overrated and Penn State would have taken them to the woodshed too.

Cam was off on passing all game but going down finished us off. Even gimped he is the heart of our team.

We were missing all our major offensive weapons, and our D did not make key adjustments and got burned massively twice.

That’s what happened. Injuries wiped out our offense and Penn State realized something about our secondary and exploited it. Also…aside from USC who we matched up very well with, we haven’t won big games on the road and Penn State was truly the best team we played all year and they came ready.

Well…September will bring new things and I’ll be excited to see what we can do. I survived the 80s, I can handle us taking a few tries to win some big bowls in the PAC.


Someone, don’t recall who, pointed out that Cam at home is great. Cam on the road, not so much. At least that was the case this 2022 season. I don’t remember enough of 2021 to say on way or the other. Obviously his knee, prior to leaving the game, was bothering him. At the same time Penn State had a great game plan to take our offense and shoot it to hell.


The kickers foot was clearly hit, was it enough to warrant a flag? I dont think so (not even a 5 yard running into the kicker)

Im still trying to process what happened yesterday. Lots of blame to go around. And credit to Penn St, they played a clean game.

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