What do you do on Halloween night when there are no trick-or-treaters knocking at your door? You watch the only football available

So I watched maybe a quarter and a half of BYU football - they are doing as the should in stomping really bad teams - including Western Kentucky. There is a lot of praise for Zach Wilson and talk about him in the NFL, so I watched wondering if the praise is warranted. Truth is I really don’t know. But I’m curious what the better football minds think on this - and see what I saw encapsulated in this gif:


What I see is basically all the time in the world in the pocket for him to do whatever he wants. But also I’m seeing a vastly oversized OL versus their DL - so they shouldn’t give up a sack or a pressure - yet for all the time he had in the pocket it still was closing in on him. I think any team that can stack up on DL will change how good he looks - and if I were Boise St I would be doing max pressure and blitz packages 2 out of 4 downs.

I’m right there with you. Zach is who is. He’s good. Not great. He has all the time I. The world and mismatches galore. Let’s see what happens this week.

Biggest game for BYU since going independent. If they win, they are in a great shape for a top 12 finish and a NY6 bowl. It’s amazing how well the quarantine worked out for them.

I’m the rare Ute fan who likes Boise State, but I don’t think the Broncos are very good. We’ll see.

I don’t know that they need to be very good. I think there are a couple of factors going on with BYU - 1, they’ve only played truly awful teams. 2. I think a decent team is going to be unexpected - I wouldn’t be surprised to see Boise St jump out to an early lead until BYU figures out to play someone remotely comparable to them.

But you are right, this is their biggest game as an independent, and it SHOULD tell us whether they are even remotely legit or a paper tiger. I can see BYU winning this game - but I do think if they get matched up to a legit P5 NY6 team it will be a bloodbath.

One other thing on Zach Wilson - he kept doing this weird side-arm throw that any semi athletic DB is going to intercept. He can get away with that against WKU - not against a NY6 team.


I watched a ton of Wilson before this year…and not much at all this year. But from what I’ve seen, he hasn’t changed much. Even that throw, he had to crow hop three times to wind up and get it that far. This narrative that he has a great arm…I have never seen it.

I would bet money that all the “experts” who have him going high in the draft haven’t watched him play. They see the HUGE jump in his stats and assume he has figured it all out. But the reality is, he is just playing JR High teams every week.

I watched a couple of plays in a BYU game earlier in the year vs UTSA. BYU was so much bigger. Play after play was a play that would not be successful vs a good team, and yet they made those plays. Pau’u’s TD was just a guy who was 50 lbs heavier and was six inches taller. UTSA’s tallest defensive back is 5’11 and Pau’u is 6’4.

I don’t get how this can be fun for them. Everytime I go to watch a BYU game it is in the second quarter and it’s over already.

Anyways, IF Wilson decides to go pro, I’d bet he is mocked really high…and then as workouts happen he falls and falls fast. There is nothing there on film that says…“This guy…he’s special”.

He’s a solid G5 QB. That’s it. Had he come to Utah, he would be listed as an “OR” with Bentley and Rising and not one of us would take that seriously and we’d be talking about how Hall was a Heisman QB and all the same nonsene we are saying about Wilson.


Here’s something that’s driving me crazy. BYU fans keep saying Houston and navy are good teams. When they’re just not this year. They at or below .500 with their wins being from the likes of Tulane.

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BYU is #17 the ESPN computer ranking. Their opponents are:

  1. Houston
  2. Troy
  3. Navy
  4. Louisiana Tech
  5. Western Kentucky
  6. UTSA
  7. Texas State

BYU is doing what a good team should do to these opponents - blowing them out. The margin of victory is keeping them afloat in the computer rankings.

This is exactly why the P5 needs to break off from the G5. How do you even compare the two teams? Sure, BYU is a good G5 team. They’ve shown that (maybe, but not really). But that’s it. They haven’t shown anything that you could then extrapolate to compare them to a P5 school. Even if they beat Boise, that doesn’t tell us anything other than they are a good G5 team (maybe. Maybe Boise is just a bad G5 team). Would you pick BYU to beat Penn St? Or Northwestern? Or Indiana?

But the pollsters say that BYU is better than all of those teams.

Would you pick BYU to beat North Carolina? Utah? Washington? ASU?

Look at the top 15: who would you pick BYU to beat? Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, ND? No, no, no, no. Georgia, Cincinnati, Texas A&M, Florida? Wisconsin, Miami, Oregon, Indiana, Oklahoma State, Coastal Carolina?

The only teams you MIGHT pick BYU to win are Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina.

G5 teams.

It’s time to break off. This trying to find out where G5 fit is silly. They don’t.

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Especially this year because there are no P5 vs G5 blowouts to show if BYU’s blowouts are good or not. If Houston and La Tech barely lose to P5’s you can, very poorly, say that BYU might be good because they handled Houston and La Tech. Or, if a P5 school beats those two by a larger margin you can, very poorly, assume that BYU isn’t as impressive.

So this year is just an abosolute crapshoot and it is helping BYU out IMMENSELY as every P5 school has an exponentially tougher schedule up to this point vs BYU having an exponentially easier schedule.

BYU’s data so far is 100% worthless and tells us nothing more than BYU is a good G5 team. It doesn’t even tell us if they are really good, good or elite (although we will learn something this weekend).

What if BYU loses to Boise St? Are they even a good team then? We don’t know because we don’t even know if Boise is any good. BYU could lose to Boise SDSU and actually be a pretty terrible team.

Even a normal football season has a ridiculously low amount of comparative data. This season is far worse.

I’m not sold on some of the P5 teams you listed, so, yeah, maybe BYU could beat them. BYU does beat P5 teams on occasion (like USC last season). But BYU still has 0 wins as an independent against top 25 P5 teams.

The best G5 each season usually has a P5 win on its resume. And the best G5 each season usually gives a top 10 P5 a good game in a NY6 bowl. BYU might be the best G5 this season. But, like you said, there is no evidence of anything right now other than that BYU is good enough to blow out bad teams. There really isn’t a chance to establish that evidence either. It is what it is with this strange season.

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I flipped over to that game for about a minute, saw the Western Kentucky QB have to call a timeout because there was confusion on what the offensive signs were.

When the other team is having problems getting plays agreed upon… I dunno… I just don’t think it’s a quality opponent.

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