What do Utes need to do to beat UCLA?


  1. Play gap sound.
  2. Limit yards after contact.
  3. Get off the field.
  4. Create a couple of turnovers.
  5. Play with effort and emotion.


  1. Get run game going.
  2. Chunk plays.
  3. Score TD’s in redzone.
  4. No turnovers.
  5. Convert on third down.

Special Teams:

  1. Don’t f it up.

Crowd: Loud and disruptive.

Score more points than they do.


I’m blinded by your light, sir! :joy:

Run forward really fast. If someone gets in your way, turn.

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Take the points today. Please!


This, this, and this,

Utah"s 3rd- and 4th-down defense sucks.

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This is going to be a shootout. Neither team can stop the other.

UCLA should jut keep running the ball…easy yards.

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Good to see the o-line asserting itself.

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How bout we use the other one for the 5 of us on here :slight_smile:

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Lack of pressure on the QB is pretty bad.

Our Zone defense is terrible. That phantom PI didn’t help.