What are the games to watch this weekend?

BYE weeks are the worst. I’m curious what games you guys will be watching this weekend, and what ones have the biggest impact on the Utes.

Oregon-Cal, Michigan-Iowa, Maybe Okla St-Texas Tech, Auburn-Florida

I’m looking for anyone in the top 16 to lose. I want some chaos above the Utes. It’s fun to win BYE week by moving up. Also the fewer unbeatens by the end on the year, the better.

Some games I’m interested in (not necessarily the best games):

  1. Utah State–LSU. For local interest (I’m originally from Utah) and because it would be an awesome upset of an unbeaten.
  2. Iowa–Michigan. Both teams are ranked close to Utah, and Michigan could take down unbeaten Iowa. (Although if they do, Michigan could jump Utah without pushing Iowa below Utah. :confused:)
  3. Auburn–Florida. Two unbeaten teams in the top ten. Let chaos reign. :smiling_imp:

In the Pac:
Oregon State–UCLA. I’d love to see the Beavers take down UCLA. A loss for a south foe is good for the Utes, and I bet the Oregon State folks would relish a win over Chip Kelly. Go Beavers! :smile:

There are several other interesting games. But I have to confess: it’s the Utes I live for during football season. When they aren’t playing, my interest is far more academic.


I will be watching the Minnesota Twins and whoever they are playing against.

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I’ll be watching my daughter’s water polo games.

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