Week 4 Games

Some not so great starts for some alleged clear top 25 squads.

Update: Kent State making me aroused

I realize that it is NOT likely to happen, but just for old time sake, going back in history, one, two, three, or even four athletic conferences, wouldn’t it be fun to see Wyo kick BYUs ■■■ this afternoon?


I’d like Wyoming’s chances better if they were playing in Laramie.

Missouri missed a 26-yard FG (an extra point, basically) to beat Auburn at the end of regulation, then lost in OT when their RB fumbled the fall on his way to the open end zone for the win.



Saving Future Arizona State HC Bryan Harsin from an early firing.

Why would an SEC coach leave for the PAC, given that Southern Cal and UCLA have left?

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You must not follow coaches on the hot seat who banged cheerleaders from Boise. The dude is basically “dead man walking.”


I only follow the cheerleaders from Boise


LOL. Yeah, being in the same state with a certain coach your fans don’t really have patience. More so when they think they are always on the moral high ground and your coach has a scandal like the cheerleader one.

Middle Tenn St. Only has 6 first downs early in the 4th quarter, but they lead Miami 38 - 24

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Wash St taking it to Oregon at the moment.

FL not helping themselves (or us) right now either.


45-24 Middle Tenn St. Blue Raiders

2 ex-pac 12 coaches that signed 10 year contracts in the B1G and ACC got worked today.

Cristobal and Tucker

PAC12 refs strike again. There is absolutely no way on God’s green earth that was an interception for Oregon. They even reviewed and it was clear it was a incomplete pass. I mean, WOW!!!

Florida is going to lose to Tennesse, but Napier has a set of nads on him. I like it.


Maybe not :eyes:

Proud of The Gators now. No quit. We are on the right path. Will be some pain, but, it will happen.


Ducks put up 29 points in the 4th quarter

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The last time I saw a team do what the Ducks just did it was Auburn hanging it on USU.

Nice! Glad they’re holding onto their ranking. I’m hoping Utah takes gives them their next loss :slight_smile:

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This loss for Washington State is going to make their 11-5 win at SC even sweeter.